Bf Suma Products Prices In Kenya

Bf Suma Products Prices In Kenya

Below are Bf Suma Products Prices In Kenya

BF Suma Pure & Broken Ganoderma Spores

BF Suma NMN Capsules

Pure &Broken Ganoderma Spores 60‘s

Probio3 (Strawberry Flavor) 20’s

NMN Coffee

Youth Essence Facial Mask

Youth Essence Facial Cream

How effective are BF Suma products?

BF Suma NMN Capsule helps fight aging and general aging effects. It allows cells to produce a compound called NAD+. NAD+ is what helps the body convert energy into cells. This product is fantastic for boosting your immune system, it fights against cancer and it is also helpful in fighting off Alzheimer’s Disease.

Do BF Suma products have side effects?

Researchers have yet to investigate the side effects of suma root. However, research suggests this supplement can cause several adverse reactions, including Asthma. A patient developed occupational asthma after exposure to Pfaffia paniculata root powder used to manufacture Brazilian ginseng capsules.

How much is Derma Evers in Kenya?

Retails @ 3000 kshs. Discounted Price 2500 kshs. DERMA-REPAIR is a leading Phyto Bionic Sebum from Germany. Derma Evers Repair Facial Cream is packed with natural, botanical ingredients, this cream is your ideal everyday moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and youthful.

How much is facial treatment in Kenya?

Kshs 8000 • 70 mins | This is suitable for all skin types, using the purest botanicals to deeply penetrate the skin and remove all the toxins.