Best Meat Cows In Kenya

What is a Meat Cow?

Beef cattle are cattle raised for meat production. The meat of mature or almost mature cattle is mostly known as beef. In beef production, there are three main stages: cow-calf operations, backgrounding, and feedlot operations.

Best Meat Cows In Kenya

In Kenya, cattle for beef production can be selected from the dual purpose breeds like the East African Zebu, Boran, Simmental and Sahiwal or from beef breeds like Hereford, Charolais or Angus.

How much is a beef cow in Kenya?

The retail price range in Kenyan Shilling for live cattle is between KES 277.78 and KES 347.22 per kilogram or between KES 125.98 and KES 157.47 per pound(lb) in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Is beef farming profitable in Kenya?

Beef farming is a profitable venture because of the huge demand for beef which is currently not being met through local production. Farmers can raise or buy calves or weaners, then feed and fatten them for slaughter.

How much is Jersey cow in Kenya?

A pregnant cow costs between Sh85,000 and Sh90,000. However, if a heifer is in late gestation, a buyer must wait until it calves before transporting.