Best MBCHB University In Kenya

What is a MBCHB?

An MBChB degree is a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree. Other common abbreviations include MBBS, or MB BChir. This is the primary medical degree awarded in a range of different countries that follow the tradition of the United Kingdom in awarding medical degrees.

The way in which the degree name is created shows the two distinct undergraduate degrees which were once seen as the two types of Medicine – the chirurgiae (surgery) and the medicinae (medicine). However, today the two degrees are conferred together and may be awarded as an undergraduate or graduate level degree.

In general, in China, Australia, and some UK schools, the primary medical degree is the MB (Bachelor of Medicine). However, this still confers the ability to practice surgery. In North America, the MD (Doctor of Medicine) and DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) both confer the ability to practice. Those transferring to the US can list their MBBS, MBChB, etc as MD.

Best MBCHB University In Kenya

RankUniversity NameCourse CodeCutoff Points
1University Of Nairobi126313145.034
2Kenyatta University111113144.914
3Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture And Technology124913144.611
4Moi University125313144.492
5Maseno University122913144.463
6Egerton University105713144.079
7Masinde Muliro University Of Science & Technology108213144.026
8Kisii University108713144.012
9Mount Kenya University127913143.486
10Kenya Methodist University107713138.040
11Uzima University111613133.193

How long is medical school in Kenya?

​​​​​Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery​ – MBChB​ The six-year degree program is designed to prepare medical doctors who are well grounded with knowledge, competencies, and skills in humanities, social sciences and medical sciences.

How much does it cost to study Medicine in the University of Nairobi?

Tuition Fee

Based on the tuition of 600,000 KES per year for 6 years.

How much does it cost to study Medicine in Kenyatta University?

Fees Structure

Undergraduate ProgrammesTuition Fees range depending on the programmeStatutory Fees
Art  BasedEast Africans             Kshs. 100,000/=  To 120,000/=Non-East Africans     Kshs. 140,000/=  To  175,000/=Kshs. 26,000/=
Science  BasedEast Africans             Kshs. 110,000/=  To  210,000/=Non-East Africans     Kshs. 150,000/=  To  257,500/=Kshs. 26,000/=
ArchitectureEast Africans             Kshs. 133,285/=  To 235,125/=Non-East Africans      Kshs. 166,606/=  To 293,306/=Kshs. 26,000/=
LawEast Africans             Kshs. 150,000/=Non-East Africans      Kshs. 187,500/=Kshs. 26,000/=
Creative Arts, Film and Media StudiesEast Africans:Degrees:  Kshs. 124,000/=   Diploma:  Kshs.  82,000/= Certificate: Kshs. 65,325/=Non East Africans      Kshs.    155,000/=   Kshs. 26,000/= Kshs. 21,300/=
PharmacyEast Africans              Kshs.    400,000/=Non-East Africans      Kshs.     515,000/=Kshs. 55,200/=
Medicine & SurgeryEast Africans              Kshs.    450,400/=Non-East Africans      Kshs.    712,220/=Kshs. 55,200/=
Nursing and public healthEast Africans              Kshs.    240,000/=Non-East Africans      Kshs.    295,000/=Kshs. 55,200/=
 DiplomaEast Africans              Kshs.     72,000/=Non-East Africans      Kshs.    125,000/=Kshs. 26,000/=
CertificateKshs. 40,000/=Kshs. 21,300/=

What are the entry requirements for Medicine at Nairobi University?

Candidates for admission must satisfy the General University of Nairobi admission criteria of a mean grade C+ in.
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E) with a mandatory B Grade pass in each of the cluster subjects.
a. Biology.
b. Chemistry.
c. Physics or Mathematics.

What are the minimum requirements for medicine in Kenyatta University?

Undergraduate Programmes

The candidate must have attained the minimum University entry requirements of C+ at KCSE OR division II at O level. e) Holders of any degree in Biological Sciences or Chemistry from Kenyatta University or equivalent qualifications from a recognized University.