Best Interest Rates In Kenya

Best Interest Rates In Kenya

TermCall Rate (7 Days)6 Months
5M to < 10M6.5011.25
10M to < 50M7.5012.25
50M > 100M8.5012.75
100M and above9.0013.00

Which Kenyan Bank has the highest interest rates?

Credit Bank, with an average loan rate of 17.6 percent, tops the charts with higher rates followed by Middle East Bank (16 percent) and Sidian at 14.9 percent.

Where can I put my money to earn the most interest in Kenya?

  • Absa Bank Kenya Plc. Digital Savings Account.
  • Timiza. Timiza Savings Account.
  • Choice Microfinance Bank Limited.
  • Hazina Sacco Society.
  • KCB Bank Kenya Limited.
  • Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited.

Which Kenyan Bank has the best-fixed deposit rates?

Best fixed deposit rates in Kenya

  1. KCB Bank.
  2. Cooperative Bank of Kenya.
  3. Equity Bank.
  4. Barclays Banks (ABSA)
  5. National Bank of Kenya.
  6. Family Bank.
  7. Standard Chartered.
  8. I&M Bank.