Best Hunting Season In Kenya

Best Hunting Season In Kenya

Undoubtedly the best time to visit the Masai Mara is during the legendary Great Migration from July to October.

The Masai Mara dry season runs from June to November. This is when game viewing is at its best. The famous Great Wildebeest Migration begins around July and is in full swing by August.

The wildebeest mill about the Mara until October when they begin to leave with some stragglers departing as late as November.

Be aware that the movements of the Great Wildebeest Migration are dependent on East Africa’s seasonal rainfall patterns. With all things ‘wild’ timing comes with a bit of luck and it’s best to carefully consult and plan with one of our safari experts.

What is the best month to go to Kenya?

When Is The Best Time To Visit Kenya For Safari & Beach ...

January, February, and July to October are the best times to travel to Kenya as it is the dry season – hot and cool respectively. November, December, and April to June are the short and long rainy months respectively.

What month is best for the Kenya safari?

The best time to go on safari in Kenya is anytime between June to October. Travel in early September and you can almost guarantee that your trip will coincide with the famous wildebeest migration across the Masai Mara. That said, Kenya is brimming with wildlife throughout the year, so it’s tough to go wrong.