Best HR Companies In Kenya

Best HR Companies In Kenya

Human Resources (HR) is the department within a business or organization responsible for managing its employees. HR is responsible for hiring, firing, and managing employee benefits, payroll, and other staffing needs.

Best HR Companies In Kenya

  • Outresources-HR Consulting.
  • Selective Outsourcing Solutions.
  • Talent Board.
  • Sheer Logic Management Consultants Ltd.
  • AMSOL Consultants.
  • Human Resource (HR) East Africa. Human Resource Outsourcing.
  • Brites Management Services. Recruitment and HR Consulting Services.
  • Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.

How to start a consulting business in Kenya?

You don’t have to start with an office, employees, and other things that a lot of business that deals with products need. With a company profile, business cards, and knowing how to get your customers, you can be a consultant today. Getting your first client can also be easy if you know what you are doing.

How much are consultants paid in Kenya?

Job TitleSalary
ConsultantKES 150,000 /mo
Senior ConsultantKES 395,000 /mo

What do foreigners need to do business in Kenya?

Foreign nationals who want to own, or run a business in Kenya, are required to have an Investor Class D permit from the Immigration Department. However, a foreign national may still own a Kenyan company or share therein without immigration status if he does not intend to live or reside in the country.