Best Honeymoon Hotels In Kenya

What is a Honeymoon Hotel?

A honeymoon suite, or a ‘romance suite’, in a hotel or other places of accommodation denotes a suite with special amenities primarily aimed at couples and newlyweds.

Best Honeymoon Hotels In Kenya

Nairobi Safari Club

254 Ole Sereni

Southern Palms Beach Resort

Tribe Hotel

Is Kenya good for honeymoon?


A honeymoon in Kenya offers the quintessential romantic safari experience. The iconic Maasai Mara offers endless savannahs, prolific game and an abundance of big cats plus incredible bush dining experiences.

How do I choose a honeymoon hotel?

Budget and cost

Use that price as a guideline when exploring the list of possible places to stay. If you have a minimal budget, you can decide either to spend a week in a decent place or a few days in a luxurious location. Take into consideration if you’re bringing friends and family as well.