Best Home Wi-Fi in Kenya

What is a Home Wi-Fi?

A Wi-Fi network is simply an internet connection that’s shared with multiple devices in a home or business via a wireless router.

The router is connected directly to your internet modem and acts as a hub to broadcast the internet signal to all your Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Best Home Wi-Fi in Kenya

Safaricom is one of the best home Wi-Fi providers in Kenya. It offers fast, reliable, and unlimited Internet access in all areas with coverage.

What is the fastest Wi-Fi in Kenya?

Speedtest Intelligence® reveals Faiba was the fastest fixed broadband provider among top providers in Kenya in Q3 2022 with a median download speed of 25.66 Mbps.

How much is Wi-Fi per month in Kenya?

Telkom Home Plan

Home PlansValidityPrice
Monthly 30 GB30 DaysKshs. 2,000
Monthly 50 GB30 DaysKshs. 3,000
Unlimited30 DaysKshs. 4,000
Unlimited Plus 500GB30 DaysKshs 5,500

How to buy Safaricom Wi-Fi?

Customers can also visit the internet. or dial *400*49# to get connected. To purchase plans or manage their accounts, customers can visit MySafaricom App,, or dial *400#, select option 3 – “4G Wi-Fi” and follow the prompts. Payment options include M-PESA, Post-pay or Bonga points.

How fast is Safaricom’s internet?

Safaricom More Than Doubles Home Fibre Speeds

Old Package Speed5 Mbps40 Mbps
Speeds Effective 1st March 20218 Mbps100 Mbps
Price Effective 1st March 2021KES 2,900KES 11,999
Secure NetAt extra feeIncluded

How does the Safaricom home Wi-Fi work?

4G Wi-Fi is a Safaricom Home Internet Package, designed to be a fixed home-based internet service that hooks you up with fast affordable internet on our ever-expanding 4G+ network.

How does 4G Wi-Fi work? 4G Wi-Fi internet will be enabled on a 4G-enabled SIM card and a designated 4G Router.