Best Holiday Destinations In Kenya

What is a Holiday Destination?

A holiday is a period of time during which you relax and enjoy yourself away from home. People sometimes refer to their holidays as their holidays.

Best Holiday Destinations In Kenya

1. Nairobi

Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi bubbles with energy as it offers a mix of buzzing lifestyle and unforgettable wildlife experience. No matter how long you intend to stay in this city, there are great experiences you can enjoy. Discover its cultural gems –museums and art venues, which ensure several cultural options for you in the city.

After exploring the stunning attractions and indulging in a wide range of interesting activities during the day, you can try the plethora of lively spots at night. The city features several luxury hotels to stay in and a wide range of restaurants serving local and intercontinental dishes. What more could you ask for?

2. Mombasa

Mombasa is a coastal paradise with powdery sands and picturesque beaches. With lengthy miles of coastlines, a holiday in this city can last forever as the local life moves at a slow pace. The city is the second-largest in Kenya and offers a wide range of attractions and fun activities.

Enjoy sun-kissed days, morning swims in Diani Beach, barefoot walks, and sunset that will take your breath away. If you can let your hair down, allow the night-time partying to attract you, as you drink and dance the night away. The city has an abundance of hotels, beach resorts, and restaurants. There are several cultural and historical attractions to explore when you’re not spending your day on the beach.

3. Malindi and Watamu

For many, a holiday in Malindi and Watamu is all about the beach. The small town of Malindi lies on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya, surrounded by pristine beaches.

The beaches are dotted with waterfront resorts, hotels, and villas for a relaxing break. There’s a popular resort called Silversand Residence, located in the south of Malindi. Silversand Beach features fine swathes of sand and is a great spot for lengthy seaside walks.

4. Lake Turkana

There is lunar scenery around Lake Turkana, the world’s largest permanent desert lake that crawls with the Nile crocodiles. Palaeontologists fulfill their dreams in this part of the world where the remains of an ancient hominid were found. The lake is one of Africa’s most saline lakes, and its water evaporates at the rate of about 2.4 metres every year.

It’s rich in fossil remains including molluscan and mammalian, and it features many archaeological sites. The lake area offers a range of attractions such as Sibiloi National Park, where you can easily spot some wildlife such as Gerenuk, Grevy Zebra, and Oryx.

5. Tsavo National Parks

Tsavo National Park is divided into two parks – Tsavo East and Tsavo West.  If you are keen on seeing the Big Five, this is the best place to visit. The national park is one of the largest national parks in East Africa and is home to a wide variety of wildlife including a large population of elephants, Thompson gazelles, duikers, impalas, and klipspringers.  

The night is magical here, and you can experience it when you stay at the lodges and campsites located within or close to the park.

6. Samburu, Shaba, and Buffalo Springs National Reserves

Located in Northern Kenya, these three natural reserves are connected to one another, making it a massive reserve that gathers wildlife around the Ewaso Ngiro River.  The reserves are semi-desert and located in the arid areas of the north. You will find a wide range of wildlife here such as Gerenuk, Beisa Oryx, Reticulated Giraffe, and Grevy’s Zebra.

Have you ever seen the blue-legged ostriches? You can find them here. Camel safari is fun, and you will find several lodges in the area.

7. Lamu Town

Lamu is one of the oldest towns in Kenya, a place where you can unwind and have pure relaxation after a long day of endlessly chasing the attractions it offers. Blessed with picturesque beaches and a wide range of fun activities, this traditional town has not changed for centuries.

 The mini-buses or matatus are not seen in this part of Kenya. The sound of the waters and donkeys make Lamu an extraordinary place to enjoy your holiday. 

Is Kenya cheap for a holiday?

No, Kenya is certainly not a budget destination. The country has traditionally been visited by wealthy, elderly tourists.

You will notice this in many things such as accommodation and safari prices. The entrance fee to national parks is higher than in neighboring countries such as Uganda and Tanzania.

Is Kenya good for a holiday?

From the heights of Mount Kenyan to the plains of the Masai Mara, Kenya is the African safari holiday you’ve always wanted. Astounding wildlife, spectacular landscapes and a welcoming melting pot of culture, there are many reasons why Kenya should top your travel wish list.