Best Hockey Stick Brand In Kenya

What is a hockey Stick?

An ice hockey stick is a piece of equipment used in ice hockey to shoot, pass, and carry the puck across the ice. Ice hockey sticks are approximately 150–200 cm long, composed of a long, slender shaft with a flat extension at one end called the blade.

National Hockey League (NHL) sticks are up to 63 inches (160 cm) long.[1] The blade is the part of the stick used to contact the puck, and is typically 25 to 40 cm long. Stick dimensions can vary widely, as they are usually built to suit a particular player’s size and preference. The blade is positioned at roughly a 135° angle from the axis of the shaft, giving the stick a partly ‘L-shaped’ appearance.

Best Hockey Stick Brand In Kenya

Dita MegaPro C40 L-Bow 34 Inch Hockey Stick

Dita CompoTec C55 M-Bow 34 Inch Hockey Stick

Dita MegaPro C40 L-Bow 32 Inch Hockey Stick

How do I choose a good hockey stick?

To find your ideal hockey stick, you’ll want to consider several factors including your own body size along with the stick length, flex rating, kick point, blade pattern, materials, and price.

Do Adidas make good hockey sticks?

The Adidas Hockey Stick range is one of the most diverse range of hockey sticks out. It caters for players of all styles of play. If you are a drag-flicking specialist, Adidas Hockey has you covered. Or if you are the midfield play maker be sure to know you have a hockey stick just for you in the Adidas Hockey range.

Are true hockey sticks durable?

Bottom Line: True hockey sticks are a reliable choice for players seeking high-quality equipment that can enhance their performance on the ice.

With their advanced technologies, durability, and shooting accuracy improvements, true hockey sticks are favored by professionals and players of all levels.

Why do hockey sticks break so easily?

Loading your stick correctly against the ice creates a dramatic increase in force to apply to the puck rather than just hitting the puck directly.

If you’re breaking a lot of sticks, you’re likely either using too light of a flex or loading the stick inefficiently and putting too much force into the load.