Best Grass For Cattle Grazing In Kenya

What is a Grass For Cattle Grazing?

As mentioned earlier, cool-season species are more productive in cooler weather with moist conditions. Some common cool-season perennial grasses suitable for grazing include orchard grass, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass.

Best Grass For Cattle Grazing In Kenya

What is the best grass for cattle to gain weight?

For example, for cattle producers aiming for cattle to gain weight quickly – important for grass finishing – a combination of big bluestem and Indian grass would be the best forage option.

On the other hand, for producers looking for sustained weight gain over the summer months, switchgrass was a better option.

Which grass is high protein for cattle in Kenya?

Brachiaria grass is a good feed component for weaner heifers because of its high protein content. Research shows the grass ranges in crude protein content from five to 20 percent, depending on the strain of the grass, how it is cultivated and the stage of growth at which it is harvested.

What kind of grass do they use in Kenya for cows?

Brachiaria grass is one of the top-ranked tropical forages for nutritive value, livestock productivity and climate change adaptation. It is suitable for both grazing and cut-and-carry systems.

What makes cows gain weight fast?

When Farmers really want to boost cow weight, they add supplements to their herd’s diet. Protein supplements work to pack on the pounds in cows just like they do in humans. Another popular supplement is beet pulp, which causes cattle stomachs to expand.