Best Gowns In Kenya

What is a Gown?

A gown is a type of garment, typically worn by women, that drapes from the shoulders and falls loosely over the body to the ankles or the floor.

Best Gowns In Kenya

1. A-line gown silhouette

The A-line type of wedding gown is versatile and can accommodate modification on the neckline and waistline to suit your taste. It has a great middle-ground which gives you plenty of room to move and dance. The price of this gown varies depending on the modifications. A-line halter neck wedding dresses cost between Kshs. 2500 – Kshs. 120,000.

2. Ballgown silhouette wedding gowns

The ballgown silhouette is second on the list of bridal dresses. It has a fitted bodice and a dramatic full skirt. If you are thinking of having a grand or traditional church wedding, then this is the most appropriate gown for you as it provides the ultimate traditional bridal look.

This dress can be worn with a crinoline, a multilayered petticoat worn under a wedding gown to make it fuller.

The price of this gown depends on the number of layers used on the crinoline, the fabric quality and your designer. The average cost of this gown in Kenya is Kshs. 25,000. Ballgown prices also vary depending on the modifications.

3. African traditional wedding gowns

If you are looking for cheap wedding gowns in Kenya, then look no further than the African traditional wedding gowns. You could go for an African traditional wedding gown customed with a kitenge. The price of this gown depends on how much your designer will charge you as most of them are not readily available.

For a historic wedding gown, you can either opt to go fully traditional or mix tradition with modernity. The approximate price of Kenyan wedding gowns customed with African print is between Kshs. 5000 and Kshs 80,000. It could even go beyond depending on the modifications and fabric quality.

4. Lace-up wedding gown

If you desire either a simple, modest or jaw-dropping-looking gown, lace-up wedding dresses will serve the purpose. Its luxurious bodice lacing looks classically beautiful and ensures the dress fits like a glove. A lace-up back dress with elegantly simple lacing does all the hard work for you, pulling you in and enhancing your shape in all the right places.

The lace up wedding gown is readily available in bridal stores and costs from Kshs. 6000 – Kshs. 43000, or higher depending on the modifications.

5. Dropped waist gown

If you are looking for something unique for your wedding, then you should go for the low-waist gown. The drop waist wedding dress is characterized by its low waistband which usually falls more in line with the hips than at the natural level of the waist.

This style of dress gives the illusion of lengthening the body and tends to have a width at the hips. This type of gown costs Kshs 55,000.

How much is hiring a gown in Kenya?

Hiring wedding gowns process and wedding requirements in Kenya

Normally the cost of hiring a wedding gown in Kenya is from Ksh. 3000 – 25,000. The process is this simple. First, look for a company that offers wedding gown hiring services.