Best Government Hospital In Kenya

What is a Government Hospital?

A public hospital, or government hospital, is a hospital that is government-owned and is fully funded by the government and operates solely off the money that is collected from taxpayers to fund healthcare initiatives.

Best Government Hospital In Kenya

Name of the HospitalServices Offered  
Kenyatta National Hospital  Orthopedic, Dental services, Pediatric clinic, Surgical Outpatient Clinic, POPC including Neurology, general surgery, cardiac, adult chest and skin, MPOC including General medicine, diabetes, TB, special cardiac, Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, OBYGYN, Family Planning, ENT, Adolescent Clinic, Eye clinic, Cardiology Phototherapy, Maternity, ICU    
Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital  General medicine, Burn Unit, ENT, OBGYN, Radiology, Cardiology, Family Planning, Physiotherapy, Maternity, Pediatrics, Surgery, Dental clinic, Intensive care Unit  
Kenyatta University Teaching and Referral Hospital  Accident and Emergency, Critical care, Oncology, Imaging, Farewell home, Nursing services, Pharmacy, Renal care, Consultancy, Trauma, ICU    
Mathari National Teaching and Referral Hospital  Psychotherapy, Professional Counseling, Inpatient care, Treating psychological disorders such as bipolar, depression, OCD, schizophrenia, Addiction disorder, Neurocognitive disorders  
Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital  Accident and emergency services, Radiology and imaging Maternity and newborn care, Dialysis center Wound care, Cardiology, Dental care, Intensive care unit, OBGY, Oncology  
Mbagathi Hospital  ICU, Oncology, Orthopedic, Mother and Baby, Maternity, Accident and emergency, Surgical services, Physiotherapy, Mortuary, Consultations    
Pumwani Maternity Hospital  Antenatal Family Planning Postnatal, Child and adolescent health, Child welfare services, Comprehensive care services for HIV/AIDS, Inpatient and outpatient care    
Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching & Referral Hospital  Maternity, Newborn care, Dental unit, Surgical services, Family planning, ICU, Accident and emergency care, Mortuary, Inpatient and outpatient services, Oncology, Comprehensive care services for HIV/AIDS, ENT  
Coast Provincial General Hospital  Comprehensive care services for HIV/AIDS, Dental clinic, Comprehensive diabetes care center, Gender-based violence center, Cardiac center, 24 hours laboratory services, Neurosurgery, Mortuary, Nutritional counseling and education, Oncology, Occupational therapy, Orthopedic services, Pharmacy 24 hr., Accident and emergency Dialysis services    
Nyeri County Referral Hospital  Outpatient and Casualty, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Surgery, Mother and Child Health, Comprehensive Care Clinic (HIV)Renal dialysis, Dental, Ear Nose and Throat, Laboratory services, Pharmacy, Diagnostic and imaging services, Physiotherapy, Orthopedic

What is the largest government hospital in Kenya?

It is currently the largest referral and teaching hospital in the country. Kenyatta National Hospital employs over 6,000 staff and has a bed capacity of 1,800. However, due to congestion, the patient numbers can rise as high as 3,000.

How many government hospitals are in Kenya?

There are 57 public hospitals, including seven national referral hospitals, 47 county referral hospitals, and two sub-county hospitals. There are 103 private hospitals, 58 mission hospitals, and 12 NGO hospitals in Kenya.

Is Nairobi hospital private or public?

The Nairobi Hospital - Wikipedia

private hospital

The Nairobi Hospital is a private hospital located in Upper Hill area, Nairobi, Kenya. The hospital was founded in 1954 as a European hospital.