Best DJ In Kenya

Best DJ In Kenya

Top 10 Best DJs in Kenya

Deejay Roy Teeboy Kenya. He is a street and in-house DJ who is ranked the number 1 best in Nairobi City. Also, Roy Teeboy is the mixmaster on the turntable at Hot 96. He is also the pilot on #LEVELUPFRIDAYS on Citizen TV every Friday morning. Deejay Roy Teeboy is the best DJ in Kenya today 2021.

Dj Pinye. Almost 80% of music fans in Kenya basically know DJ Pinye. He is probably the oldest (48 years) and still among the top 10 best DJs in Kenya in 2023.

Dj Adrian. He has been one of the most popular DJs in Kenya since the millennium. Over the past 2 decades, he has managed to rank even among the list of the top 10 best DJs in Kenya 2022. He is employed by Capital FM media house which is owned by Billionaire Chris Kirubi.

DJ Joe Mfalme. Also, Joe Mfalme is a staff of Capital FM Radio who has been in the industry for the past decade. Above all, he emerged the winner of the Pilsner Mfalme DJ Competition in 2008 where he became the 1st runner-up.

Crème De La Crème. He is also among the top 5 best DJs in Kenya of all time. Most of his music mix entails urban tracks that definitely do well in clubs and discos. One of the reputable things about Deejay Crème is that he has toured all the continents just to entertain.

Pierre Makena. Recently, she was in Uganda, and guess what, the crowd was just incredible with tens of thousands. Besides being a Deejay, she is also a singer, actress as well as a model. In summary, she is currently the best female DJ in Kenya.

Dj Kalonje. He came into the limelight in the early 2010s. This is because his music mixes were so popular in Public Transport Vehicles in Kenya. Hence, that’s how he all of a sudden went viral and even got employed at Switch TV.

Kym Nick Dee. Similarly, just like Kalonje, he gained fame through circulating his mixes for free to matatus.

Dj Sadic. He stands as the best gospel DJ in Kenya over the past 7 years. Those who can compete with him are DJ Mo, DJ activist of Citizen Bambika S, How, and just a few others.

Mantrix. Again, DJ Mantix is known for their reggae and dancehall music mix. Likewise, he used the same protocol as DJ Kalonje to gain fame.