Best Diesel Brands In Kenya

Best Diesel Brands In Kenya

What is the quality of diesel in Kenya?

The critical parameters set out by the Kenya Bureau of Standards for diesel sold in Kenya are as below: AGO must have a densiy @ 20 degrees centigrade in Kg/m3 of between 820-870. Have Cetane index of 48 minimum and Sulphur content of 0.05% maximum.

Which is the best fuel in Kenya?

Top-tier fuel suppliers in Kenya

  • Shell.
  • Kenol Kobil.
  • Total.
  • National Oil.
  • Gulf.
  • Astrol.
  • Delta.
  • Engen.

What is the cleanest fuel in Kenya?

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) burns very clean compared to other fossil-derived fuels such as charcoal and kerosene.

Which is the largest petrol station in Kenya?

Shell opens Kenya's biggest station in Lavington worth Sh200m ...

Oil marketer Vivo Energy, which trades in Kenya under the Shell brand name, has opened a Sh200 million station in Lavington which it describes as its biggest outlet in Africa.

What makes fuel expensive in Kenya?

The revision in fuel prices is a result of the National Treasury doubling the Value Added Tax (VAT) on petroleum and petroleum-related products from 8 per cent to 16 per cent in the Finance Act 2023. Consequently, petrol increased by KSh13. 49 per litre, diesel by KSh12.