Best Debt Review Companies In Kenya

Best Debt Review Companies In Kenya

Below are the Best Debt Review Companies In Kenya


BKV Debt Collectors Kenya

Debt-Pay Collections

Nimble Group Kenya

Gilchery Limited


Momentum Credit – Headquarters

Platinum Credit Limited

Premier Credit Limited. HEAD OFFICE, nginyo towers.

Centonomy Limited

Progressive Credit

Dry Associates Investment Bank

How much is the debt collection commission in Kenya?

Kenya Re reserves the right to request submission of additional information from prospective bidders. The collections fees due for successfully collected debts on the collection accounts shall be a commission of 10% of the collected debt value.

How to deal with debt collectors in Kenya?

If so, and the debt collectors do come calling, he advises the following:

  1. Don’t run because you will be run after.
  2. Set up a revised repayment plan.
  3. Try as much as possible to stick to the new plan, cutting down on your expenditure as much as possible to be able to pay.

How can I recover my debts in Kenya?

The benefit of the deed of debt acknowledgement to the creditor is that in a debt recovery action, an application can be made by the creditor to the court for summary judgment. Once presented to the court as evidence, a valid debt acknowledgment deed is prima facie proof of the debt.

Can someone be jailed for debt in Kenya?

The specific question is whether a lender can have you arrested for failure to pay a debt. The quick and easy answer is a resounding ‘no‘! Loans belong in the realm of civil law. There are remedies open to the lender in a civil court.