Best Dairy Farms in Kenya

Best Dairy Farms in Kenya

Which is the best dairy farm in Kenya?

Best 10 Dairy Farms in Kenya - Africa Farming

Gogar Farm has been in the dairy business for over 90 years, specializing in breeding animals that perform best under local conditions. This farm breeds top-quality Ayrshire, Friesian, and Jersey dairy animals.

What are the best dairy cows in Kenya?

Best dairy cow breeds in Kenya -

The Jersey cow

Jersey cows in Kenya are typically light brown in color though the color range can vary from almost grey to dull black. The true identity of a Jersey cow is the black nose bordered by an almost white muzzle with protruding eyes. This type of milk cow is well known for its high-quality milk.

Which milk is best in Kenya?

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Molo Milk is Kenya’s most preferred milk brand ahead of Brookside and New KCC products.