Best Cellphone Insurance In Kenya

What is a phone insurance?

Mobile phone insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing your mobile phone if it’s stolen, lost, or damaged.

Best Cellphone Insurance In Kenya

Kenya Orient Device Insurance

The Orient Mobile insurance product enables clients to protect their valuable smartphones against damage, theft, and loss as a standalone insurance policy. There is no need to bundle it together with another general insurance policy like fire and burglary insurance.

Does insurance cover lost phones?

Broadly speaking, phone insurance covers damaged, stolen, or lost phones—but what’s covered and what isn’t will depend on the type of policy you have.

What does insurance do when your phone is stolen?

Insurance covers the policyholder for his/her mobile phone for accidental loss, damage, or theft – where it can then be replaced with a new (or similar) model if not the same one.

How long does a phone insurance claim take?

This may vary in different cell phone insurance policies. Some insurance companies may even guarantee the replacement within just two days. What should I do if I damage my cell phone? You must contact your insurance provider to submit the details.