Best Braai Wood In Kenya

What is Braai Wood?

Best Braai Wood In Kenya

Kameeldoring: This is a popular wood in South Africa, where braaiing is a way of life. Kameeldoring (also known as camel thorn) is a very dense wood that burns slowly and produces a lot of heat. It also has a unique aroma that adds a delicious flavour to the meat.

Swarthaak: Another popular wood in South Africa, Swarthaak (also known as blackthorn) is a hardwood.  Swarthaak wood burns hot and clean and it is known for its unique, smoky flavour, that adds a delicious depth to any meat, fish, or vegetables that are grilled over it.

Wattle: This wood is commonly used in South Africa and Australia and is known for its high heat output and mild, smoky flavour. It’s a fast-burning wood, so it’s ideal for quick braais.

Hickory: A popular wood in the United States, hickory has a strong, smoky flavour that pairs well with beef and pork. It burns at a high temperature, making it ideal for searing.

Oak: Oak is a versatile wood that can be used for braaiing a variety of meats. It produces a mild, smoky flavour and burns at a moderate temperature, making it ideal for slow cooking.

Mesquite: Mesquite is a popular wood in South Africa and the USA and is known for its intense, smoky flavour. It’s best used in moderation, as it can overpower the flavour of the meat if too much is used.

What wood is best for braai?


Kameeldoring and shekels are the examples of hard woods. Hardwood is considered the best for braai-ing because its density and low moisture content mean it produces a higher temperature over a longer cooking time. Hardwood is also easy to light and makes less smoke.