Best Boy Boarding School In Kenya

What is a Boarding School?

Boarding schools are often for either boys or girls, though many are coeducational. Students live in residence buildings on or near the school’s premises which are often divided into houses. These houses are expected to display a healthy rivalry in academic and sports pursuits.

Best Boy Boarding School In Kenya

Pembroke House

Pembroke House is one of the international schools in Kenya. It is a leading British Curriculum co-educational Preparatory School found in Nakuru, Kenya. The school, first established in the year 1927 is over 90 years old.

They offer a first-rate educational experience for children aged 2 to 13 on 155 acres of the stunning Kenyan Great Rift Valley.

Pembroke House offers full boarding but with a modern, responsive approach in order to support our parents and children the very best we can.

A recent UK Inspection rated the school’s Boarding Provision and the Personal Development of our pupils as “Outstanding”.

Pembroke has a team of experienced and fully committed staff who make the happiness, well-being, security, and personal development of each child their very own priority every term.

At Pembroke, the unique atmosphere and wonderful environment, coupled with the fact that it is a small school, all mean that the staff knows each child on a personal level and helps them flourish in a home-like, caring, and nurturing environment.

Hillcrest International School

Boarding at Hillcrest is seen as a valuable opportunity for students to grow in independence while they enhance their learning experiences.

The approach is very much in keeping with the vision of inspiring each child to achieve personal excellence as a valuable member of our global community and we support every aspect of your child’s development — educational and social.
Offering a safe and secure family environment, boarding at Hillcrest offers every student the opportunity to live and learn in a caring, purposeful, and multicultural community and their care is of paramount importance.

Tuition at Hillcrest International ranges from $7,531.96 to $10,000.

International School of Kenya

The International School of Kenya is an international school for pre-kindergarten to grade 12 located on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. It was established in 1976. 

The International School of Kenya has been rated the best boarding school in Kenya and as well the most expensive. The school is known to be stuffed with state-of-the-art facilities.

Tuition at the International School of Kenya ranges from $19,923.13 to $22,000.

St. Andrews Turi School

St. Andrews Turi School is a British primary and secondary independent school situated in Turi and often referred to by that name.

St Andrew’s School is a co-educational, Christian boarding school offering the British Curriculum to pupils aged five to thirteen in the Preparatory school and thirteen to nineteen in the Senior School and College.

The school’s curriculum is predominantly based on the British model, with students sitting IGCSE’s and A’ Levels, and as such, many of the teachers are British trained.

The student population is made up of pupils from a large number of countries; however, the overwhelming majority of students are Kenyan, Ugandan, Tanzanian, Nigerian, and Rwandan.

Tuition at St. Andrews Turi ranges from $9,574.50.

Greensteds International School

Greensteds International School is one of the private boarding schools in Kenya with a high reputation.

The school was established in the year 1936 in Nakuru, Kenya.

Over the years the school has recorded a lot of outstanding breakthroughs in academics, arts, sports, etc.

Annual tuition at Greensteds International School ranges from $9,723.83.

Braeburn school

The Braeburn Group of International Schools is a group of co-educational international schools offering British/International curricula in Kenya and Tanzania.

The school was established in 1969 and has ever since stood out as one of the best private international boarding schools in Kenya. The boarding experience here is usually exotic and classy.

The school actively values and celebrates diversity, nurturing personal growth by providing a friendly and supportive environment.

Annual tuition at Braeburn School ranges from $7,007.26

GEMS Cambridge International School

The GEMS Cambridge International School has a mission to inspire students to become knowledgeable leaders with a global vision and develop character through a supportive and diverse community.

At the heart of the GEMS Cambridge International Nairobi, the experience is an engaging and challenging academic environment that gives students the desire and skills to achieve at the highest level based on an English curriculum.

Outside of the classroom, students develop their talents and abilities through involvement in fine arts, athletics, school clubs, and service organizations.

The boarding house is a comfortable and welcoming home-away-from-home for happy students of all ages.

The school management has created a nurturing environment. The boarding house has student common rooms with satellite TV and a range of recreational facilities.

Annual tuition at GEMS International School ranges from $ 6,917.35

Peponi International school

The Peponi International School was endorsed in a recent inspection when a team from the School Inspection Service rated it as being outstanding in every aspect of our educational provisions.

This is rare indeed and singles the school out as being one of very few schools to have received this accolade.

Pay a visit to Peponi and you will meet happy, confident children working with a quiet industriousness or playing energetically in a secure and friendly environment.

You will experience the very special ambiance of their beautiful grounds and our busy, well-equipped classrooms.

Annual tuition at Peponi International School ranges from $ 5,970.06

Rift Valley Academy

RVA is a Christian boarding school in central Kenya with over a hundred years of rich history. They serve about 500 missionary children representing 30 nationalities and 80 mission organizations and churches.

Also, they accommodate a small number of Kenyan national students and expatriate, non-mission students.

RVA is located in Kijabe, Kenya, and was founded in 1906.

The main aim of the school is to support current mission work while investing in the next generation of missionaries and gospel-bearers.

As a branch of Africa Inland Mission, they strive to see Christ-centered churches established and thriving among all of Africa’s peoples.

What is the best boy school in western Kenya?

Top on the list was Bungoma’s Friends School Kamusinga, which was position eight followed by Kibabii Boys at number nine. Other schools that featured in the category were St Charles Lwanga at position 27, St Peters Mumias at 29, and Nyang’ori Boys at 42.

Which is the most expensive international school in Kenya?

International School of Kenya– This is the most expensive school in Kenya offering a North American curriculum. In this school, you pay Ksh2,070,204 per term. 2. Greensteds International School- Located 6km from Nakuru, you will pay Ksh1,010,000 per term.