Alcohol Prices In Kenya

Alcohol Prices In Kenya

Alcohol is a colorless volatile flammable liquid that is produced by the natural fermentation of sugars and is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer, spirits, and other drinks, and is also used as an industrial solvent and as fuel.

Below are Alcohol Prices In Kenya

Vodka price in Kenya

Flirt vodka green appleKES 1,450 – KES 2,600In Stock
Skyy raspberryKES 2,195 – KES 2,695In Stock
Flirt vodkaKES 1,400 – KES 1,600In Stock
Skyy coconutKES 2,195 – KES 2,595In Stock
Belvedere bloody maryKES 5,400 – KES 6,000In Stock
Grey gooseKES 5,250In Stock
Skyy grapeKES 2,195 – KES 2,595In Stock
Flirt vodka orangeKES 1,400 – KES 1,600In Stock
Class 21 vodkaKES 1,500In Stock
Smirnoff citrusKES 2,200 – KES 2,570In Stock

Wine price in Kenya

Ama La Vida white caskKES 3,895In Stock
Overmeer sweet rose caskKES 4,500In Stock
Cinzano RossoKES 1,900In Stock
Cinzano RossoKES 2,300In Stock
Robertson winery roseKES 1,900 – KES 2,800In Stock
Belaire brutKES 5,300In Stock
Leleshwa roseKES 1,945In Stock
Drostdy-hof white dryKES 1,300In Stock
Ama La Vida red caskKES 3,950In Stock
4th Street sweet roseKES 1,400 – KES 2,300In Stock

Beers price in Kenya

ReddsKES 200Out of stock
GuinnessKES 300In Stock
Tusker lagerKES 280In Stock
Snapp canKES 250In Stock
Carlsberg bottleKES 230Out of stock
Redd’s originalKES 230Out of stock
Smirnoff guarana electricKES 230Out of stock
Bavaria blackKES 280Out of stock
Smirnoff guaranaKES 233In Stock
Savanna dryKES 285In Stock

Whisky price in Kenya

Jameson coopers crozeKES 8,000Out of stock
Ballantines 17 yearsKES 9,000In Stock
Jim beam red stag (liqueur)KES 3,000In Stock
Glenlivet 12 yearsKES 6,200 – KES 6,950In Stock
Glenfiddich 15 yearsKES 9,750 – KES 10,400In Stock
Gentleman jackKES 5,200 – KES 6,200In Stock
Cardhu 12 yearsKES 5,960In Stock
Jameson CrestedKES 4,500In Stock
Jameson CrestedKES 5,395 – KES 5,650In Stock
GrantsKES 1,900 – KES 12,500In Stock

Liqueur price in Kenya

MagnumKES 2,500Out of stock
DrambuieKES 3,700 – KES 4,100In Stock
Amarula goldKES 3,795In Stock
KahluaKES 2,995 – KES 3,499In Stock
Harveys bristol creamKES 2,950In Stock
Tequila roseKES 2,900In Stock
Baileys Irish creamKES 2,695 – KES 3,050In Stock
Zappa originalKES 1,700In Stock
JagermeisterKES 3,250 – KES 3,600In Stock
Bardinet de mentheKES 2,200In Stock

Tequila price in Kenya

Ponchos caramel infusion (Liqueur)KES 4,000In Stock
Patron reposadoKES 9,000In Stock
Patron silverKES 7,500In Stock
Sierra silverKES 2,500In Stock
Camino goldKES 2,950In Stock
Ponchos chilli choc (Liqueur)KES 4,000In Stock
Jose cuervo silverKES 3,199 – KES 3,599In Stock
Don julio blancoKES 8,800In Stock

Gin price in Kenya

GilbeysKES 1,600 – KES 2,500In Stock
Hendricks ginKES 5,200 – KES 10,990In Stock