About Savannah Institute for Business and Informatics

About Savannah Institute for Business and Informatics

About us

Savannah Institute for Business and Informatics (SIBI) is changing higher education in Kenya. We provide an engaging learning environment that is built around high quality courses, and a hands-on, learner-centred delivery approach. We have excellent learning resources, internationally reputable partnerships, as well as instructors with excellent qualifications and experience. With us, its not just school, it’s adventure. Beyond the classroom, SIBI is involved in corporate re-tooling, Kids R Coding as well as research. We have initiatives to build capacity in disadvantaged communities and support widows and orphans in partnership with local churches. Welcome to SIBI: Serious learning for serious people.

Our Goal

SIBI is committed to inspiring a new generation of technological and entrepreneurial minds. SIBI aims to develop creative and innovative insight in learners that leads to new solutions to challenges in today’s society. We believe that it can be done, and we invite you to take the journey with us. Kenya is fast becoming the technology hub of Africa and a magnet for innovators and entrepreneurs. SIBI plans to become a key player in establishing the credibility of that hub. SIBI is blessed with advisors of international repute, who have the passion to guide learners in a quality-driven, hands-on, skills-oriented programs. We at SIBI, believe that theoretical foundations require practical experience for one to be able to apply knowledge and innovate. We are serious, but are keen to make learning fun, and enjoyable. Welcome to SIBI.

Our Inspiration

Savannah Institute for Business and Informatics [SIBI] was conceived by well-established educationists who have a passion for developing Kenya’s young minds and the belief that education can be the key to better opportunities for the youth and a catalyst for Kenya’s industrial and entrepreneurial acceleration. SIBI is not a university or university college nor does it aspire to be one. Rather, it is a fast-moving centre for innovation and digital skills development supplementing other educational institutions and supporting professionals in the workplace who need to re-tool for today’s fast-moving digital enterprise. Whether one is a high school student who wants to create mobile apps or an engineer who needs to hone their skills to accelerate career advancement, we have a place for you.

The demands of the knowledge economy knows no age or gender. Therefore, the SIBI initiative is one of like-minded people of all ages and backgrounds. Kenya’s Vision 2030 and the move to equip primary school children with ICT skills is a clear indication that the Kenya government recognizes that you can’t lead by following. Beat your own path in this uncharted territory. Create the future for the rest to follow. Challenge the limits of human capability. Create a lifelong passion for discovery and excellence. Trust in God who designed our minds and our souls and our hearts. Then you will soar like eagles and not tire.

SIBI’s creators are involved in informal community support activities, hence, it is only natural that SIBI support these communities. This objective is achieved through a number of initiatives such as Girls in ICT, Kids R Coding and support for widows and orphans. Our students’ projects are planned to help automate organizations that would have difficulty automating on their own. Help you neighbour today and make the world a little better.