About Riara University

About Riara University

The Riara Story

The Riara University was born out of a sincere desire to provide a holistic approach in higher education. It is a logical continuation of our commitment, dating back to 1974, to ensure education and development of the whole child,learner and person. Ours is a concept that goes beyond the classroom, syllabus-based learning, and reaches out to provide stimulation and motivation for self-development and capacity for life-long education.

The process of education from kindergarten through primary and secondary and now university flows like that of the perennial Riara River: forever challenging, forever nourishing, forever fulfilling. Each level of the Riara experience then becomes a fountain, springing from fertile ground, showering all those it reaches; and who in turn infect others with enthusiasm, courage and God given brilliance, continually refined by the ever-flowing Riara River.

Welcome to the Riara University, the pinnacle of our vision.


To be a leading university in the world and a Centre of Excellence in scholarship, research and human resource development.


To provide a holistic education to enable each student to realize their full potential and to develop social and moral values which will underpin their actions through life.

Value Statement

Excellence – We have only one standard EXCELLENCE!

Leading by Example – We strive to lead by EXAMPLE.

Teamwork – We cultivate the spirit of TEAMWORK.

Integrity – We are ETHICAL and PROFESSIONAL in our CONDUCT.

Innovation – We encourage and reward INNOVATION, especially BREAKTHROUGH IDEAS.