What is the charge for driving without a license In Kenya

Unqualified persons without a driving license will be charged with Ksh 7,000 when caught driving, in accordance with section 33 (c) and 41.

You must also have your driver’s license with you, since the missing license is a traffic offense that attracts a Ksh 1,000 fine as stated in Section 36 (1) and (3).

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NTSA Fine For Overspeeding

Motorists in Nairobi County will be fined up to Sh 25,000 if they challenge the new up to 50 kph speed limit set for vehicles bound for CBD.

The speeds are monitored after the installation of new cameras, reported by the NTSA, in a notice that is being mentioned in the handbook of the traffic rules under speed restrictions.

The cameras installation process will start at City Cabanas on the KWS gate on Lang’ata Road, Mombasa Road, Nakumatt Junction ong Ngong ‘Road and from Nakumatt Junction to Uthiru on Naivasha Road.

The speed limit begins at the James Gichuru Road, junction along Waiyaki Way, at the Mobil gas station on Peponi Road and at Muthaiga Mini Market on Limuru Road.

In the north by-pass, the rule of such application begins at the Nyayo Barracks roundabout, and from Ridgeways on Kimabu Road.

The authority said that motorists who drive on Kangundo Road will remain within the decided speed limit of Kangundo Road and Utalii Drift on Thika Road.

“All other roads in Nairobi city that are not listed are considered to be within the limit,” the authority reported.


No driving license or provisional license shall be granted to any person

  1. Under the age of sixteen years;
  2. Under the age of eighteen (18) years, except in respect of motor cycles; or
  3. Endorsed in respect of matatus and motor-omnibuses, unless he
    1. Is over the age of twenty four (24) years; and
    2. Has for not less than four (4) years held a license endorsed in respect of motor-cars or commercial vehicles.

Any person driving a motor vehicle on a road shall carry his driving license or provisional license, and on being so required by a police officer, produce it for examination.

Can you drive without a license in Kenya?

A driving license is issued as an authority to allow a person to drive a motor vehicle of any class on a road. No person shall be allowed to drive a motor vehicle on road unless he is the holder of a valid driving license or a provisional license endorsed in respect of that class of vehicle.

What is the fine for speeding in Kenya?


2.Exceeding speed limit of 50 kph or as prescribed by a traffic sign by 1-5 kphWarning
3.Exceeding speed limit prescribed for class of vehicle. By 6-10 kph500
4.Exceeding speed limit of 50 kph or as prescribed by a traffic sign by 6-10 kph500

What is traffic Act in Kenya?

(1) The Authority shall be responsible for the registration and licensing of motor vehicles and trailers and for the licensing of drivers, and for the keeping of such records in relation thereto as are required by this Act.