What Is The Best Rugby School In Kenya

What Is The Best Rugby School In Kenya

The sport is governed by the Kenya Rugby Union. The Rugby Football Union of Kenya (RFU-K) was formed in 1923. RFU-K was then incorporated into the Rugby Football Union of East Africa (RFUEA) in 1956. Kenya Deaf Rugby Football Union was formed in 1970 to govern the game in Kenya.

Top High Schools That Have Produced Rugby Stars

  • Vihiga High School – Collins Injera.
  • Kisumu Boys – Andrew Amonde.
  • Dr. Aggrey High School – Willy Ambaka.
  • Kakamega High School – Humphrey Kayange.

What is the name of the Kenyan rugby team?

The Simbas represent Kenya in the Africa Cup and various other tournaments across the continent. They currently rank thirty-third in the World Rugby Rankings and fourth in Africa.

How many people play rugby in Kenya?

Rugby union in Kenya
National team(s)Kenya
First played1909
Registered players42,904