What Is The Best Red Wine In Kenya

What Is The Best Red Wine In Kenya

Below Is The Best Red Wine In Kenya

  • 4th street red sweet.
  • four cousins sweet red.
  • asconi pastoral.
  • rosso nobile cioccolata.
  • Frontera Sweet Red.
  • drostdy hof claret select dry red.
  • nederburg cabernet sauvignon.
  • robertson winery sweet red.

Which wine is sweet in Kenya?

Best red sweet wine brands in Kenya

versus sweet redKES 1,4008%
four cousins sweet redKES 1,350 – KES 2,1009%
4th street red sweetKES 1,350 – KES 2,00012%
Culemborg Cape RedKES 1,300 – KES 2,30013%

Is there good wine in Kenya?

Simonsig Shiraz is among the best wine brands in Kenya and at its price range, it’s hard to get something else of better quality.

Is wine expensive in Kenya?

A glass of House wine should start at around 300 kes and the Bottle as from 2000 kes depending on the wine. Italian Wines are generally more expensive.

What alcohol is Kenya known for?

Changaa or Chang’aa is a traditional home-brewed spirit, popular in Kenya.