What Is The Best Rated Medical Aid In Kenya

What Is The Best Rated Medical Aid In Kenya

There is a myriad of health insurance companies with different policies to suit the needs of Kenyans. In this StarInsight report, we are providing you with market research on the top 10 health insurance enterprises around the city of Nairobi, Kenya according to Google Maps.

The Best-Rated Medical Insurance Cover Companies in Kenya, Nairobi

CompaniesRatingNumber of reviews 
Lifecare International Insurance Brokers Ltd4.535
GA Insurance Limited4.4211
The Heritage Insurance Company Kenya Ltd (Headquarters)4.3144
Madison Group – Head Office4.397
Majani Insurance Brokers4.333
Kenindia Assurance Co. Ltd4.1127
Takaful Insurance of Africa Ltd4.156
APA Insurance Limited4.0254
The Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya4.0261
Aig kenya insurance co.ltd. – headoffice4.0170

The Most-Reviewed Medical Insurance Companies in Kenya, Nairobi

CompaniesNumber of reviews Rating
The Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya2614.0
APA Insurance Limited 2544.0
GA Insurance Limited2114.4
Aig kenya insurance co.ltd. – headoffice1704.0
The Heritage Insurance Company Kenya Ltd (Headquarters)1444.3
Kenindia Assurance Co. Ltd1274.1
Madison Group – Head Office974.3
Takaful Insurance of Africa Ltd564.1
Lifecare International Insurance Brokers Ltd354.5
Majani Insurance Brokers334.3

What is the best health insurance plan in Kenya?

Jubilee Insurance, AAR Insurance, APA Insurance, UAP Old Mutual, and CIC Insurance Group are some of the best health insurance companies in Kenya. These companies offer a range of health insurance products that cater to the needs of different individuals.