What Is The Best Public Hospital In Kenya

What Is The Best Public Hospital In Kenya

List of the Best Public Hospitals in Kenya

1. Kenyatta National Hospital

In 2016, Kenyatta National hospital was trending for all good reasons. After 23 hours, twin girls joined at the lower back could begin a new life. Doctors performed an intricate procedure on these two girls, and it was successful. But what do you know about this hospital? Well, relax, we give you more information.

 Kenyatta hospital is arguably one of the oldest hospitals in Kenya, founded in 1901. It is a free public hospital in Kenya that offers numerous services. The hospital was named after King George VI of England. After independence, the hospital was renamed after the founding father, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. Currently, the hospital is the largest teaching and referral hospital in the country. Today, the hospital has a:

  • 50 patients ward capacity
  • 22 outpatient clinics
  •  8 outpatient and 16 specialized theaters
  • 21 beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The hospital has a well-equipped accident and emergency department that takes patients during an emergency. This is a place where you find the best doctors in every field of medicine. Patients who are critically ill are referred to Kenyatta National Hospital for specialized treatment.

2. Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital

Coming second on our list is Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital. It is located in Uasin Gishu County (310 Kilometers Northwest of Nairobi). The hospital began operations in 1916 to offer healthcare services to Africans. Initially, the hospital only had 16-bed capacities. Despite the humble beginnings, the hospital has grown tremendously from a native cottage hospital to one of the largest public hospitals in the country.

The hospital gained the full status of a referral hospital through Legal Notice No. 98 of 12th June 1998 of the State. Corporations Act (Cap 446). Today, the hospital has a bed capacity of 991 patients, an average of 1200 patients at any time, and 1500 outpatients per day.  Like Kenyatta National Hospital, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital offers a platform for undergraduate and master’s students of Moi University College of Health specializing in medical programs. Here are the specialized services provided by Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital:

  • Oncology service
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Services
  • Kidney transplants
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse rehabilitative services
  • Spine and Neurosurgical operations
  • Cardiology and Cardiothoracic services
  • Open heart surgery
  • Corneal transplants and Arthroscopic (Shoulder and Knee) Surgery

3. Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral & Research Hospital (KUTRRH)

This hospital is located along the northern bypass road near Kahawa west.  It was registered under Legal Notice Number 4 of the State Corporations Act Cap 446 of 25th January 2019 as a Level 6 Tertiary Hospital.

The hospital offers specialized referral services in:

  • Accident & Emergency
  • Oncology
  • Renal and Trauma
  • Orthopedics.

In terms of capacity, the hospital has 650 beds plus state-of-the-art facilities. Prof Olive Mugenda is the chairperson of the hospital board.

4. Mathari National Teaching & Referral Hospital 

You cannot talk about mental health without mentioning Mathari National Teaching & Referral Hospital. The hospital is located along Nairobi-Thika road. It has an in-house capacity of 700 patients. The hospital was founded in the year 1901 by colonial authorities. Until 1963, all senior doctors and nurses were Europeans, but that has changed over time. Today, Mathari hospital is where you get all the psychiatric-related services. The hospital admits patients who suffer from psychiatric disorders at affordable rates.

5. Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital

Mama Lucy Kibaki is a district hospital officially opened by His Excellency Mwai Kibaki. It is located along Spine Road in Umoja 3 estate in the hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. The hospital is one of the key government efforts to provide essential health care needs to its citizens.

Mama Lucy Kibaki continues to extend its operations. Today, the hospital serves people from eastern regions and all citizens irrespective of their region. Like other government hospitals, Mama Lucy Kibaki seeks to reduce maternal deaths, infant deaths, under-five mortality, and killer diseases in Kenya, such as HIV/AIDS rates.

6. Mbagathi Hospital

This hospital offers numerous services to the citizens. Currently, the hospital serves approximately one million Kenyans. Mbagathi Hospital strives to offer exceptional services to its patients at affordable rates.  You cannot compare this hospital with other hospitals under the level 5 category. Here are the services you get in this hospital:

  • Casualty/Accident & Emergency services
  • Inpatient services comprise of: Male: Medical and Surgical, Female: Medical, Surgical, and Ob/Gyn, and Children: Medical, Surgical, and Pre-term
  • A laboratory that offers services such as; Hematology, Microbiology and Parasitology, Histology and Cytology, Clinical chemistry, and Special Chemistry

Mbagathi County Hospital also undertakes:

  • Disability Assessment Services (Physical, Visual and Hearing)
  • Medical Reports for legal and compliance purposes

 7. Pumwani Maternity Hospital

The Pumwani Maternity Hospital is well known for the provision of exceptional maternity care services in Sub-Saharan Africa. It began as a charitable organization in 1926. Today, the hospital is an obstetric and referral hospital for the delivery of expectant mothers around the country.

Pumwani Maternity Hospital has a 354-bed capacity, 144 baby cots, 3 theatres, and a High Dependency Unit.  Due to its reputation, the hospital has a training center for students specializing in nursing and midwifery. 

8. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital

This hospital has been in existence for more than 100 years. The hospital serves 10 counties in the western region. The main goal of JOOTRH is to provide curative, preventive, promotion, and rehabilitative health services.

Currently, the hospital has a total of 880 staff: consisting of 492 regular staff, 107 from partners, 140 casual workers, and 141 outsourced services. The hospital offers students an opportunity to explore more about the world of medicine.

9. Coast Provincial General Hospital

This is one of the largest hospitals in the coastal region serving 7 counties. The hospital contributes significantly to the realization of national health goals. Coast General Hospital does this by providing highly specialized quality referral healthcare, research, and training. Here are some services you can get from this hospital:

  • Inpatient services  include 10 general  wards, 3 maternity wards, ICU/HDU, and one 12-bed private amenity wing soon to be opened
  • Outpatient services are Consultations, Basic- male and female, Specialized – Pediatric, Medical, and Surgical. Obstetrics/Gynecology, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Ophthalmology, Orthopedic, Psychiatry, Cardiothoracic, Oncology.

10. Nyeri County Referral Hospital

Nyeri County Referral Hospital, previously known as a provincial general hospital, is one of the major hospitals in Kenya. The hospital began as a military facility but today has expanded its operations to serve 10 counties around the region. It has a bed capacity of 270 and 50 cots. Here are services offered at the Nyeri County Referral hospital:

  • Outpatient and Casualty
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Ophthalmology
  • Surgery
  • Mother and Child Health
  • Comprehensive Care Clinic (HIV)
  • Renal dialysis
  • Dental
  • Ear Nose and Throat
  • Laboratory services
  • Pharmacy
  • Diagnostic and imaging services
  • Physiotherapy
  • Orthopedic

These are the top ten public hospitals in Kenya. They offer exceptional services at affordable rates. Thanks to the Kenyan Government that is working continuously to improve the infrastructure of these hospitals. There is more that ought to be done.  The government ensures that the construction of cheap public hospitals in Kenya is a priority to cater to the populace’s needs. 

What are the biggest public hospitals in Kenya?

Kenyatta National Hospital | EA Health

The Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) is the oldest and largest hospital in Kenya. It is a public, tertiary, referral hospital for the Ministry of Health. It is also the teaching hospital of the University Of Nairobi College Of Health Sciences.

How many public hospitals are in Kenya?

There are 57 public hospitals, including seven national referral hospitals, 47 county referral hospitals, and two sub-county hospitals. There are 103 private hospitals, 58 mission hospitals, and 12 NGO hospitals in Kenya.