TSC Types of Teachers in Schools Staffrooms

By | September 26, 2022

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1. #The_Broadcaster: Reads from a textbook and asks students to make notes. After the lesson, this one, too, heads to the staffroom for a tea break. They act like they’ve made it in life.

2. #The_Delegator: Delegates work with the learner with the best handwriting and the monitor. On social media during lessons.

3. #The_Makeup_Artist: applies too much makeup and is fashion consciousness. Dresses skimpily. They teach mostly Literature and English.

4. #The_Braggart: Spends most of the lesson bragging about how bright they were in school, what they’ve accomplished and how they’ve helped relatives. They teach half the lesson.

5. The Stone-faced: Wears sura ya Kazi always. Their classes are mostly complete and quiet due to fear. They Have all loan apps on their phones.

6. #The_Latecomer: This one left college when Kenyatta was still president. They go to class 10 minutes late but quitting is not easy; students have to drop spoons when lunchtime is ½way through.

7. #Multitasker: Stops lessons halfway to attend to some personal errand; maybe a baby they left in the school kitchen or staffroom, answer a call from a relative in the US…most lessons end prematurely.

8. #The_Comedian: They could have joined Churchill Live but somehow they ended up in Kiswahili or History lecture rooms. They don’t teach maths. It’s not easy to find a funny maths teacher.

9. #Miss_OCD: They suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. They can’t touch the duster lest they cough their intestines out. They carry 4 handkerchiefs, wet wipes, and tissue.

10. #The_OCS: This one could have joined the Army and fought for Kenya in Somalia. Somehow they found themselves in college and now they teach Biology and Chemistry. They’re the Discipline Masters.

11. #Diet_Consultant: This one sneezes a lot and doesn’t eat most of the school meals. Knows the importance of pumpkin and cord liver oil. Carries her water and charger.

12. The IT Guru: They operate All digital devices.