TSC Teachers Transfers Letter Ready

By | May 12, 2023

TSC Teachers Transfers Letter Ready; Where to Collect Them

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has dispatched transfer letters for teachers whose status was acknowledged online, as the Commission acts on most transfer requests for de-localized teachers in the regions.

Teachers have been asked to visit their TSC County Directors’ offices to check the available transfer letters. The plan by the Commission was to approve the regional and inter-regional transfer requests and release the letters early in May.

The Commission is under pressure to re-route de-localized teachers back home, and mechanisms have been put in place to transfer the teachers back to their regions quickly.

Factors that initially barred teachers from being transferred like the five-year rule or the presence of a suitable replacement will no longer be used. The transfers will now depend on the need for equitable distribution and optimal utilization of teachers.

Official data from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) reveals that Nairobi City County is the top choice for teachers seeking transfers due to the delocalisation policy.

Between November 1 last year and January 31 this year, 36,277 teachers applied for transfers across the country. Out of these, 14,733 were approved while 21,544 are still awaiting approval.

During this period, 1,885 teachers applied to be transferred to Nairobi, while only 76 requested to leave. However, only 41 primary school transfer requests out of 1,162 and four secondary school requests out of 723 were approved by the end of January.

In the same time frame, 45 primary school teachers left the capital city, but only one secondary school teacher left.

Out of the total number of primary school teachers who applied for transfers, 1,336 wanted to go to Bungoma County, while 1,074 wanted to leave the county.

According to TSC, if the Commission was to move every teacher to their home counties, regions that have not produced enough of their own as teachers would suffer from understaffing.