TSC Full List Of Shortlisted Teachers For Promotions Per County And Region

By | March 24, 2023

2023 TSC Promotion List for Primary School Teachers Per County and Region

TSC List of Shortlisted Teachers for Promotions Per County and Region: The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has revealed the number of tutors who have been shortlisted for upgrading per county and region. Here is the full list of shortlisted teachers for promotions per county and region by TSC as of March 2023

 TSC List of Promoted Tutors Per County and Region

Distribution of TSC Promotion Vacancies per County and Region

According to the TSC Promotion List at our disposal, Kakamega, Bungoma and Kitui County scooped the lion’s share with over 500 teachers being shortlisted for promotions.

In Kakamega County227 will be promoted from B5 to C1 by the Teachers Service Commission, 36 will be upgraded from grade C1 to C2 and 388 got will bag promoted from C2 to C3. 

The Teachers Service Commission reports that promotion interviews are now being held for county-based school administrators (TSC).

Interviews will take place the following week, and a number of teachers who applied for the positions of Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher have already received text invitations.


The interviews will start as soon as the following Monday, March 20, 2023, in a number of locations.

TSC plans to promote 11,258 teachers to the common cadre during the 2022–2023 Financial Year (FY), which ends on June 30, 2023.

Dr. Nancy Macharia, TSC Secretary and CEO, revealed this information when testifying before the Departmental Committee on Education.

2023 TSC Promotion List Per County

She was required to provide a report on the medical benefits, employment, advancement, and transfer of the problematic teachers.

A TSC document states that 6,214 educators will advance one grade level and 5,436 educators will advance two grades, moving from grade B5 (Primary Teacher I) to C1 (Primary Teacher II).

In line with Regulation 74 of the (Code of Regulations for Teachers) CORT, the commission shall promote a total of 11,258 teachers in the common cadre promotions for the fiscal year 2022/2023, according to Dr. Macharia’s report, subject to budgetary constraints.


551 teachers will be promoted overall by TSC in the coming TSC promotion interviews.

Data show that Kakamega has the most promotion slots. 36 will go from C1 to C2, 288 will move from C3 to C4, and 227 will move from C1 to C5.

From B5 to C1, C1 to C2, and C2 to C3, Garissa County will promote 21 teachers.

Because of this, the commission plans to promote 10.021 more teachers through affirmative action in areas with a shortage of teachers and 13.717 more through a competitive promotion during the FY.

The commission, however, added that it had found 7,282 employed primary school teachers who were qualified for transfers to junior secondary schools (JSS).

Both a diploma in education and a bachelor’s degree in education is required, as well as a minimum mean score of C+ (plus) on the KCSE or its equivalent. a minimum grade of C+ and at least 8 units in each of the two teaching courses (plus).

According to Dr Macharia, the commission has promoted and deployed primary school teachers since 2019 to make up for the lack of teachers in secondary schools.