Trans Nzoia County KCSE Top Best 10 Performing Schools

By | July 31, 2022

Trans Nzoia County KCSE 2022/2023 Best, Top 10 Performing Schools

St Brigid's Kiminini High School KCSE 2021-2022 Results and Form One Admission 2022-St Brigid's Kiminini High 2021 KCSE Results Analysis and Ranking by Knec in 2022; Current (2020) KCSE School Mean Score (9.85), Number of As, A- Minus, Grade Summary, Distribution & Rank-Position 8 Nationally

The Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC usually conducts standardized national examinations at the end of every academic year as mandated by the constitution. One of these examinations is the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education which is popularly referred to as KCSE.

Based on the latest KCSE results for secondary schools in Trans Nzoia County, St Brigid’s Girls Kiminini emerged as the best school in the KCSE 2021(April 2022) exams in the County with a mean score of 10.05 which is a B+ (plus). Here is the full list of KCSE top schools in Trans Nzoia County;


Position NationallySchool NameMean ScoreCounty
5St Brigid’s Girls Kiminini10.05B+Trans Nzoia
59St Joseph’s Boys High School, Kitale8.45B-Trans Nzoia
60St Anthony’s Boys School, Kitale8.45