Top Best Ranking Schools Per County and Region in Meru County, Eastern Region

By | October 31, 2022

January 2023 Meru County KCSE 2022 Results; Best Top Ranking Schools per County and Region- Meru County, Eastern Region

KCSE  2022 Results per County-Meru County; Meru School and St Mary’s Igoji are incomparable in the KCSE 2022- January 2023 results for Meru County. Click Here to view comprehensive results following the release of the KCSE 2022 (January 2023) results.


KCSE 2022(Jan 2023)Ranking for Meru County-Top 10 SchoolsMeru High SchoolSt. Mary’s IgojiNgubu High SchoolKaaga Girls HighBurieruri Secondary School
KCSE 2022(Jan2023)School Mean Score.....
KCSE 2021(April 2022)School MSS8.98 B8.52 B8.3 B-8.22 B-7.3 C+ 

KCSE 2022 (January 2023) Results per County and Region; Meru County, Eastern Region

School NameKCSE 2022 (January 2023 Results) School Mean ScoreKCSE 2022(January 2023 Results) national rankCurrentPosition NationallyCurrent Mean Score Current Mean GradeMeru CountyEastern Region
Meru School  338.98 (KCSE 2021)BMeru CountyEastern Region
St Mary’s Igoji  548.52 (KCSE 2021)BMeru CountyEastern Region
Nkubu High School  708.3 (KCSE 2021)B-Meru CountyEastern Region
Maua Girls High School  758.22 (KCSE 2021)B-Meru CountyEastern Region
Burieruri Secondary School  1257.3 (KCSE 2021)C+Meru CountyEastern Region
 Chogoria Girls High School   508.65  (KCSE 2021)Meru County Eastern Region 
 Kiurani Boys High School   * 7.6 (KCSE 2020)B- Meru CountyEastern Region 
 Nkuene Girls   * 7.163(KCSE 2021)C+ Meru CountyEastern Region 
 Igembe Boys High School   * 6.856 (KCSE 2019) C+Meru CountyEastern Region  
 Kirigara Girls High School   *  Meru CountyEastern Region 
 Kinjo Girls High School