St. Paul’s University Courses Offered

St. Paul’s University Courses Offered

PhD Programs

Doctor of Philosophy in Theology

Doctor of Philosophy in Development Studies

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration and Management

Masters Programs

Masters in Business Administration

Masters in Development Studies

Masters in Theology

Masters in Pastoral Community Care and HIV/AIDS

Masters in Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, ICMR

Masters of Arts in Transformational Urban Leadership

Master of Education (Early Childhood Studies)

Bachelor of Business Administration & Management

Bachelor of Leadership and Management

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Bachelor of Divinity

Bachelor of Business and Information Technology

Bachelor of Arts in Translation Studies

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Arts in Community Development

Bachelor of Peace & Conflict Studies 

Bachelor of Education (Arts)

Bachelor of Education (Special Needs)

Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Development & Education

Diploma in Theology

Diploma in Chaplaincy

Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT)

Diploma in Computer Science 

Diploma in Business Management

Diploma in Public Relations

Diploma in Journalism

Diploma in Film

Diploma in Communication

Diploma in Leadership & Management

Diploma in Project Planning & Management

Diploma in Criminology and Security Management

Diploma in Disaster Management

Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in Peace Building and Conflict Studies

Diploma Kenyan Sign Language Interpretation

Diploma in Education (Arts)

Diploma in Education (Early Childhood Education)

Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in Animations and Graphics

Diploma in Hardware and Networking

Diploma in Computer Security and Forensics

Diploma in Geo-Informatics

Diploma in Business Informatics

Diploma in Business Analytics

Diploma in Internet Technologies

Diploma in Computer programming & Software Development

Diploma in Counseling Psychology

Diploma in Community Development

Certificate in Communication

Certificate in Community Development

Certificate in Criminology and Security Management 

Certificate in Business Management

Certificate in Business Information Technology

Certificate in Computer Science

  1. Limuru Campus- Main
  2. Nairobi Campus- Church House
  3. Nakuru Campus- Next to ACK Cathedral
  4. Machakos Campus- Kinyali Building

Study Centres

  1. All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi for BD, 
  2. Institute for Advanced Technology (IAT), Nairobi for the BBA & BBITevening class 
  3. St. Andrews, Kabare Offering BD modular programme
  4. St. Paul’s Theological College, Kapsabet for the BD modular programme
  5. St. Philips Theological College, Maseno for the BD modular programme

Teaching & Research In every area of study, students are instructed by faculty who are world-class scholars and actively engaged in the lives of the students and ensure that they participate in career enhancing research that contributes profoundly to the betterment of the students. As mentors, they provide numerous student-research opportunities at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, inspiring students to advance their skills and aspirations. The University gives valuable opportunities for scholars to enhance their education, increase independence and self-awareness, and build resumes that include invaluable experience to deal with the market pace of the world today. Excellence St. Paul’s University education is recognized and its great value provides a great opportunity available to students at an affordable price.  

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