Scrap Metal Licence Application In Kenya

The Scrap Metal Act Cap 503 Laws of Kenya prohibits dealing inscrap-metal without a dealers licence. The Dealers License is issuedby the Police. The statute prohibits a licence dealer from storing ordealing in any scrap metal elsewhere than at the premises specified inthe licence.

The Use of Poisonous Substances Act Cap 247 Laws of Kenya requires the Minister to make regulations to protect persons from poisoning by substances arising from the storage, transport sale and disposal ofmaterial.

The Food Drugs and Chemical Substances Act Cap 254 Laws of Kenyaprovides that any person who disposes of any chemical substances in any way that might cause contamination of food or water for humanconsumption commits an offence.

The Radiation Protection Act Cap 243 Laws of Kenya provides that disposal of radioactive material requires a licence and the person responsible must appoint someone experienced in radiation health and safety matters to take proper care of the waste.The Environmental Management and Coordination Act has also introduced provisions dealing with the management of waste. Section 91 gives power to the standards and enforcements review committee to recommend criteria for classifying waste. One of the classes of waste is solid waste.

With regard to the management of waste the Act requires that any person managing waste must not handle the waste or dispose of it in such a manner as to cause pollution to the environment or ill-health to any person. Secondly any person transporting waste requires a valid licence to transport waste issued by the authority. Thirdly the person transporting waste may only transport it to the waste disposal site established in accordance with the licence issued by the Authority and no person shall operate a waste disposal site or a plant without alicence issued by the authority.

In applying for the licence, the operator is required to undertake an environmental impact assessment of the proposed activity and in considering the application for a licence, the authority shall take into account whether there exists planning commission for the site. There must be a planning commission in addition to an environmental impact assessment. In Nairobi waste has been disposed off to a site known as Dandora which started off as a quarry but over the years it became the city council’s dump site. It has now been proposed to close Dandora and move the landfill to a place known as Ruai but the council cannot do that as they have to pay some recently settled people.

What is a scrap metal Licence?

A collectors licence, Allows a scrap metal dealer to carry on business in a local authority area as a mobile collector. This licence covers dealers who do not have a site and regularly collect through door-to-door collections. The dealer requires a separate licence for each local authority area they operate in.

How much does it cost to start a scrap metal business?

Have you considered starting a scrap metal recycling business? Although this is a capital-intensive business, requiring between $2,000 and $10,000 of start-up capital, and you’ll need to have a lot of technical knowledge, it’s also quite lucrative.