Salary for P1 In Kenya

The P1 Certificate course is designed to train students to become professional educators who are well-suited to teach in either private or public primary schools. It is also a bridge for learners who would like to pursue higher courses such as a Diploma, Masters, or eventually a Doctorate in Education.

Below is the Salary for P1 In Kenya

How much is a P1 teacher paid in Kenya

P1 – Ksh.25,692 (minimum) Ksh.30,304 (maximum)

Teachers service commission salary scales table

All teachers who were serving in Job Group ‘H’ (Primary Teacher I/Secondary Teacher II) were moved to Grade C1, which is an equivalent of Job Group ‘J’. They now pocket Shs31,956, rising to Shs33,994 from July 1st, 2018 in the final phase of the pay rise.

Civil ServiceTeachers    Basic Salary      Common               Allowances      Gross Salary
Job GroupDesignation
HATS IV19,32324,6625,0004,00028,32333,662
JGAT III24,66229,9186,0004,00034,66239,918
KGAT II31,02041,59010,0005,00046,02056,590
LGAT I35,91045,88020,0006,00061,91071,880
MSenior GAT41,59055,84020,0008,00069,59083,840
NPrincipal GAT II48,19065,29024,0008,00080,19097,290
PPrincipal GAT I77,527103,89440,00012,000129,527155,894
QSenior Principal89,748120,27040,00014,000143,748174,270
RChief Principal109,089144,92840,00016,000165,089200,928

How much does a primary teacher earn per month in Kenya?

It comprises of all primary school headteachers in day and boarding schools all over the current. Under this group, the new salary will be between Ksh.77, 840 and Ksh.93,408.