Places To Ski In Kenya

What is a Ski?

Ski is one of a pair of narrow strips of wood, metal, or plastic curving upward in front that is used especially for gliding over snow

Places To Ski In Kenya

Is there skiing in Kenya?

Despite being located just south of the equator Mount Kenya has been snow-capped for thousands of years making it possible to ski Kenya if you hike up carrying your gear (unsurprisingly there are no Kenya ski resorts with lifts as such).

Where is the nicest place to ski?

Take a look at the most highly regarded ski resorts on the planet!

  • St. Anton, Austria.
  • Courchevel, France. Ski area: 600km.
  • Méribel, France. Ski area: 300km.
  • Zermatt, Switzerland. Ski area: 360km.
  • Lech, Austria. Ski area: 303km.
  • Aspen, USA. Ski area: 461km.
  • Cortina, Italy. Ski area: 1,000km.
  • Andermatt, Switzerland. Ski area: 181km.

Does it snow in Kenya?

Mount Kenya has permanent snow at its summit, so it’s cold all year round. At night at the higher elevations, the temperature can drop as low as -10° C. Typically the early mornings on the mountain are sunny and dry, and clouds often form by noon.