Places To Retire In Kenya

What is Retire?

leave one’s job and cease to work, typically on reaching the normal age for leaving service.

“he retired from the Navy in 1986″

Places To Retire In Kenya


Kisumu is a city in western Kenya, the capital of Kisumu County. It’s located on the shores of Lake Victoria, which makes it one of Kenya’s most popular retirement destinations.

The city has been growing rapidly in recent years due to its location and climate; it’s an ideal place for those who want to retire somewhere exotic but still close enough to visit family or friends over the holidays.


Nairobi is the capital and largest city in Kenya. It has a population of 2 million people. Nairobi is a cosmopolitan city with an urban population of approximately 3.5 million people and an additional 1 million or so who live within its suburbs (see map below).

The city was founded in 1899 by the British as a base for their rule over what would become known as Kenya (then called British East Africa).

3. Mombasa:

Mombasa is a coastal city in Kenya and the country’s largest port. It is located on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya, just south of the equator. The city is an important port and a major tourist destination for both locals and foreign visitors alike.

Mombasa has been known for its trade with Arabia since ancient times, but today it is more widely known as an international hub that serves as an entry point into East Africa from all over Asia (including China), Europe (especially Spain), West Africa, South America, and Australasia.

4. Naivasha:

Naivasha is a town in Nakuru County, Kenya. It is located in the Great Rift Valley, near Lake Naivasha and the town of Nakuru.

Naivasha’s flower industry has been one of its most valuable resources since colonial times. The Naivasha Flower Market was founded by German missionaries who planted flowers to attract visitors to their mission station at Kapsokwere. It currently hosts over 100 stalls that sell flowers from around the world.

5. Nakuru

The town of Nakuru is a beautiful place to retire. It has a lot of attractions and activities for the residents, and it’s an ideal place for those who want to lead an active life.

If you are looking for somewhere with abundant natural resources, then Nakuru is your best option since it has rich flora and fauna in its vicinities, such as forests and mountains. You can also find waterfalls near this town which is great if you love nature walks.

6. Thika

Thika is a town in Kenya, and it’s one of the best places to retire. The city has a population of about 120,000 people. The Great Rift Valley runs through the area and connects Nairobi with Mombasa on one side, while it also connects with Lake Victoria on the other side.

This makes Thika an ideal place for anyone who wants to spend their retirement years enjoying all sorts of outdoor activities like hiking or cycling along this beautiful route!

7. Eldoret

Eldoret is a city in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya. It is the capital of Uasin Gishu County, and it’s also one of the oldest cities in Kenya.

Eldoret was named after its location at an altitude of 2,290 meters above sea level (7,000 feet). The population of this city is about 100,000 people who live in an area of 4 km², which makes it one of the most populous towns in Africa.

Is Kenya a good place to retire?

Kenya is known for its stunning wildlife, landscapes, and culture. While the cost of living is higher than in some other African countries, it’s still an affordable option for those seeking a retirement experience filled with adventure and exploration.