Places To Invest In Kenya

What is investing?

Investing, broadly, is putting money to work for a period of time in some sort of project or undertaking in order to generate positive returns (i.e., profits that exceed the amount of the initial investment). It is the act of allocating resources, usually capital (i.e., money), with the expectation of generating an income, profit, or gains.

One can invest in many types of endeavors (either directly or indirectly) such as using money to start a business, or in assets such as purchasing real estate in hopes of generating rental income and/or reselling it later at a higher price.

Places To Invest In Kenya

1. Nairobi satellite towns

While Nairobi is one of the best locations to invest in, it may be one of the hardest and not to mention the most expensive locations to invest in real estate.

Luckily there are other locations that are within the proximity of Nairobi that may fit the bill perfectly without incurring the high prices of Nairobi town. These locations include; Kitengela, Thindigua, Ruaka, Athi River, Juja, Ngong, Kikuyu, and Thika.

Nairobi’s satellite towns are highly regarded as prime locations to invest in. These locations, however attractive they may be, have their pros and cons.

2. Nanyuki

As a result of Kenya’s white settlers, the plains of Laikipia have turned into one of the most ideal locations for real estate investment.

Natural attractions like the Loldaiga Hills, the Aberdares, and Mount Kenyan are also major factors for the influx of real estate developers in the location. Laikipia is also a hub for big game conservancies like; El Karama, Borana, Lewa, and Ol Pejeta.

With big projects like Mount Kenya Holiday Homes, Nanyuki has been established as an affordable location for investing in real estate. The location also has government projects underway that include a resort city and an international airport.

3. Naivasha

Naivasha has in the past year developed into a great location for real estate investment. The availability of holiday resorts, natural lakes, wildlife, and sceneries are majorly contributing to the demand for residences leading to the growth of developers in the area.

The location is on notice by tourists around the globe after the Aberdare Hills Golf Resort was proclaimed to be one of the Best Golf developments in Africa.

Developers concluded that the location was best suited for residential properties and this in turn drove the prices of land up. These are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in Naivasha;

4. Mombasa

Both Kenyans and foreigners have proven that there will always be a market for beachfront properties.

The development of residential and commercial buildings along the coastline is one of the most popular and profitable investments in the globe. Mombasa is considered the best location to invest in beachfront properties since the prices of the properties are steadily rising.

Developers determined that the beach is a great location to invest in residential properties due to the increasing rate of tourism in Mombasa.

Where is best to invest money in Kenya?

In Kenya, you can invest in MMFs through your bank, SACCO, and other financial institutions like insurance companies and pension schemes.

MMFs are usually very liquid, and you can access your money anytime. They suit people who want an alternative to bank accounts and looking for slightly higher investment returns.