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By | August 3, 2022

Member Activation

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Account Activation Info

Password:*Encoded NSSF PIN Key:*


Click here for quick activation and login



How to Register for New Members

For Member Pre-Registration

  • Click Member Self Service link
  • For members already registered with NSSF click Existing Member eCertification link. In case you don’t remember you NSSF membership number, visit the nearest NSSF branch for assistance.
  • For New member (without prior NSSF registration number) click Member Registration.
  • Complete the form displayed accurately.
  • Print the application notification and contact the nearest NSSF office for certification.
  • Contacts for the nearest NSSF branch are available on the same web page.

NSSF Self Service Portal Login

NSSF Self Service Portal

Welcome to the NSSF Self Service Portal. Click on the links above to access the various self service options for both members and employers.

Member Self Service Links

How to check your NSSF number online

How to check your NSSF number online

This is the simplest recovery method you can use if you forgot the NSSF number or any other credentials. The process will involve both physical and online procedures.

Help Instructions

In order to activate a user account that you have created at the “User Registration” step, you need to enter in this form the NSSF Encoded PIN Key that you have obtained from the NSSF Branch Office.

The completion of the following three fields is required:

  • Username,
  • Password
  • Encoded NSSF Pin Key

In case of Encoded Key loss, you shall not have the ability to change your password.

In order to obtain a new Encoded Key, you need to submit a new registration application via the «User Re-registration» option.

«Activation»: the values you entered in each separate field will be checked for validity. In case of a mistaken entry, an appropriate error mesage shall appear suggesting which fields are invalid.

«Reset»: This button automatically clears every completed field within the form and allows data re-entry.

Use the steps below to obtain the lost details:

1. Visit the nearest NSSF branch: NSSF has branches in every corner of the country. Identify the nearest branch or any Huduma Center and visit it during working hours. Carry your national identification card and any other documents that prove you are the owner of the account.

2. Explain your situation to one of the NSSF tellers: Tell him/her that you cannot access your account number information. Give the supporting documents to show that you are the account owner. You might be given the number instantly or an Encoded NSSF PIN key which you will use to access the lost information. READ ALSO How to know your Airtel number

3. Visit the NSSF Self Service Portal: Use the official address.

4. Go to “Member Self Service Resources”: This option is available under the “Self Service Resources” Menu option.

5. Tap “Recover forgotten/lost credentials”: This is the last option under member self-service links: NSSF forgotten credentials recovery.

6. Enter your NSSF username: The chances are that you already know what to enter here since you visited NSSF offices.

7. Key in your Employer ID: Ask your employer to give you their NSSF ID number.

8. Provide your KRA PIN: Check your latest KRA returns document to obtain this number.

9. Type in the Encoded NSSF PIN key: This is the number you were issued when you visited their offices.

10. Change your password: Type in a new password for your account. Confirm it in the following textbox. READ ALSO How to check NHIF statement online

11. Prove that you are not a robot: Type in the provided visual verification code in its respective field. If it is not clear, tap the “Refresh” link to get another clearer code.

12. Click on Save: Finally, tap on the Save button located below the recovery forms.

13. Login to your account: Use your new password and username. You will see your account number and contribution status after logging in.

NSSF contacts If you experience any technical difficulties during the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to the support team.

Also, you could contact the customer care centre using the details below:

  • National Social Security Fund Headquarters Physical location: Lavington Security House, Social, Bishop Rd, Nairobi.
  • Postal address: P.O. Box 30599 – 00100
  • Mainline 1: (020) 2729911
  • Mainline 2: (020) 2710552
  • Toll-free: 0800 2212744 Phone
  • 1: 0709-583000 Phone
  • 2: 0730-882000 ISDN: 2832000
  • Fax 1: (020) 2727882 Fax 2: (020) 2722013 Fax 3: (020) 2711615
  • Email:
  • Website: