Official KNEC Payment Date for KCSE Examiners

By | April 3, 2023

This is when KNEC Plans to Pay 2023 examiners-Official Knec Payment Date for KCSE Examiners 2023

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Knec Pay Day for 2023 KCSE Examiners: The Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) is yet to specify the date when it will pay the KCSE Examiners who were involved in the marking exercise between January 2, 2023, and January 15, 2023. All this is happening against the backdrop of pressure from KUPPET, the giant teachers’ union aimed at ensuring that Knec Pays teachers’ dues that are already long overdue.

KUPPET had given Knec a notice to pay the 2023 examiners by March 26 but nothing has been done so far.

Instead, the CEO decried the funding deficit for the council which he said has crippled activities.

The Kenya National Examinations Council chief executive officer David Njengere said examiners will be paid, once the council receives funds.

Njengere spoke when he appeared before the Public Investments Committee on Education and Governance.

“We administer exams then pay in advance, and the balance is paid later. As soon as we get the supplementary budget from the Treasury we will pay the examiners,” he said.

The CEO decried the funding deficit for the council which he said has crippled activities like examiners’ payments.

“We would have already paid the examiners for the work they did, we just don’t have money,” Njengere said.

The committee chair Wanami Wamboka said the team seeks to ensure the council is well-funded.

“It’s in our best interest to ensure that KNEC is well funded and remains afloat,” Wamboka said.

Three weeks ago, the secondary school teachers union gave KNEC two weeks to pay examiners who took part in the 2022 KCSE marking in January 2023.

In a statement, Kuppet chair Omboko Milemba said the council has delayed the release of payment for two months.

“More than 50,000 examiners who marked the papers have not been paid their wages. This is despite the huge sacrifices the examiners made, “Milemba said.

The union chair further faulted the council for subjecting the examiners to not-so-good conditions during the marking process.

In December, CRE Paper 1 examiners downed their tools decrying poor conditions and low rates.

The Council is yet to clarify whether the examiners who went on a go-slow at St. Francis Mang’u Girls High School will receive their rightful dues.

Below is a breakdown of Knec payment Rates for examiners

The examiners who are yet to be paid by Knec encompass

1.Centre Managers28,408 Sh 2000 per day
2.Supervisors28,727 Sh 2,485 per day
3.Invigilators74,990 Sh 1,615 per day
4.Examiners42,000 Sh 45-77 per day

The examiners listed above will have to wait longer before their pay is disbursed since the government has been obliged to halt several projects. Even the counties will have to exercise the patience of a cobra before their shareable income is disbursed.

This delayed payment of Knec Examiners is contrary to the demands of the parliamentary education and research committee which last year summoned former Education CS to appear before them within two weeks to answer queries and other burning issues on Knec contracted Professionals’ pay.