Nyamira County KCSE Results-December Edition

By | August 24, 2023

Nyamira County KCSE 2023/2024 Results (December Edition); KCSE 2023 Grade Count, Summary and Distribution for Top 100 Schools Nationally from Nyamira County, Nyanza Region of Kenya

In Nyamira County, a total of 35 secondary schools posted impressive results in the recently released KCSE 2023 results (January edition.) Surprisingly, all 35 schools posted KCSE mean scores ranging between 6.0 (C plain) and 10.897 (A- Minus).   The KCSE 2023 mean grade distribution for Nyamira County is as follows

Nyamira County KCSE 2023 Grade Summary Distribution and Analysis
Number of Schools 0 1 1 11 14 6 2
Type – Boys Mixed Mixed, Boys, and PrivateMixed, Girls, and Boys Mixed and Girls,Mixed and Girls,
Category – National ExtraCounty Private, Sub County, County, and Extra CountySub- County, County, Extra County, and NationalSub- County and CountySub- County and County

The aforementioned schools made it to the KCSE 2023 top 300 schools nationally. Some of the new entrants (sub-county and county schools) that tarnished the image of KCSE top-performing national and extra-county schools, the likes of Sironga Girls and Nyakemincha encompass Kuura Secondary, Rigoko Secondary, Kianungu Secondary, Matutu PAG, Nyachururu Secondary, St. Joseph’s Biego Secondary, Gekonge Secondary, Nyakeore Secondary, Riyabe Secondary, Ekerubo Gietai Girls, St. Mathias Mulumba Girls, Sengera Manga, and Makairo Secondary.

All ears and eyes are trained on the official release of the KCSE 2023 December results by the Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu at Mtihani House, along Dennis Pritt Road. The public would like to check whether the schools listed above will maintain the stellar performance they posted during the KCSE 2022-January 2023 results.

School NameKCSE 2023 (December Results) School MeanKCSE 2022(January 2023 Results) School MeanKCSE 2022(January 2023 Results) national rankCounty  Region  Nyanza Region KCSE Mean Grade
Nyambaria School10.897 1Nyamira  Nyanza RegionA-
St. Gonzaga Gonza School10.30 12Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB+
Nyakongo Boys High School9.540 38Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB
Mwongori High9.119 67Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB
Kuura Secondary School9.110 68Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB
St. Paul’s Gekano Boys9.063472Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB
Nyansiongo Boys9.05373Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB
Rigoko ELCK Sec9.00076Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB
Menyenya Boys8.87183Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB
Kebirigo Boys8.84286Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB
Nyaikuro Mixed Sec8.71096Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB
St. Andrew Kaggwa Girls Boarding8.648100Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB
Kianungu Sec 8.500110Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB
Manga Girls8.400113Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB-
St Peter’s Nyakemincha8.350121Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB-
Nyansabakwa Boys8.316124Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB-
Matutu PAG Sec8.200136Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB-
Kiabonyoru Boys8.17142Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB-
Nyachururu Sec8.08151Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB-
Kebabe Girls8.07 152Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB-
St. Theresa’s Gekano Girls7.972159Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB-
Matongo Boys7.86170Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB-
Nyamira Boys7.806176Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB-
Biego Secondary7.7647182Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB-
Gesiaga Secondary7.6954186Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB-
Sironga Girls National7.69187Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB-
Nyamiranga Sec7.6125189Nyamira  Nyanza RegionB-
Gekonge Sec7.35210Nyamira  Nyanza RegionC+
Nyakeore Mixed7.302215Nyamira  Nyanza RegionC+
Riyabe Sec7.291218Nyamira  Nyanza RegionC+
Kiabonyoru Girls High7.1982226Nyamira  Nyanza RegionC+
Ekerubo Gietai Girls7.13234Nyamira  Nyanza RegionC+
St. Mathias Mulumba Girls7.078240Nyamira  Nyanza RegionC+
Sengera Manga6.3736265Nyamira  Nyanza RegionC
Makairo Secondary6.0615281Nyamira  Nyanza RegionC