News on the Presidential Petition at the Supreme Court of Kenya

By | August 29, 2022

Latest news on the Presidential Petition at the Supreme court of Kenya

2022 KE PRESIDENTIAL PETITION | Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Update

Here is an update from the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Anne Amadi

1. The pre-trial session will be held tomorrow at the Milimani Ceremonial Hall from 11 AM.

2. The interlocutory applications filed by different parties are being considered and rulings will be delivered to the respective parties electronically before 11 AM tomorrow.

3. The media will be allowed to broadcast to the public

4. All seven Supreme Court judges are expected to participate in the petition hearing and determination.

5. Observers and judges from the Common Wealth countries will join the pre-trial conference tomorrow.

6. Only four lawyers from each party will be allowed to access the courtroom – this means, all those “Quick question Wakili” who had offered free services to gain exposure through the media, can go take selfies outside the court.