New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship 2019-2020

By | April 17, 2019

New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship 2019-2020

The Government of Kenya has received two (2) scholarships from the New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships for the year 2019. 

The scholarships are for both Masters and PhD Degrees and have been channeled through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (MFAT), New Zealand.



Applicants must meet all the eligibility criteria and conditions set out by MFAT as follows:

Are serving the country in the public sector.

Completed two (2) years of continuous public service since their last degree studies.

Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of at least Upper Second class honours level for Masters

Have a Masters for PhD.

Are below 39 years or younger at the time of commencing the scholarship. 

Priority sectors

Sectors have been identified by the MFAT as key areas for social and economic development of partner states like Kenya. The following are the priority areas for Kenya;

Good Governance (Government Services: Public Policy ,Public Management, Policy and Governance)