Machakos University Professional Short Courses

Machakos University Professional Short Courses

Professional Short Courses

Machakos University Offers the following Professional Short Courses:

Professional Short Courses In Solar PV Training

Huawei Certified Network Associate

Dear prospective HCNA students, This is to inform you that the first Huawei Certified Network Associate (HCNA) training is open for enrollment at Machakos University. HCNA is an equivalent certification to CCNA (CISCO) but based on Huawei enterprise network equipment. The course covers all the FOUR parts of CCNA (CISCO) plus additional networking technologies that are only unique to Huawei. The training is highly practical and application oriented. It is among the technology courses recommended for engineerscomputer scientists, and IT specialists.  The content covered includes but not limited to:

  • Application Layer Protocols: IPv4 and IPv6 Application Services
  • IP Adressing: IPv4 Addressing, IPv6 Addressing
  • LAN Technologies: VLANs, GARP and GVRP, STP and RSTP
  • IP Routing Technology: Static and Dynamic Routing, RIP and OSPF, IPv6 Routing Technologies
  • WAN Technologies: HDLC, PPP, PPPoE, Frame Relay, Network Security Technology: IPSec,
  • Enterprise Radio Access Network Solutions: Establishing a 3G Network
  • Network Management Solutions: SNMP eSight Network Management Solutions

 Note that the above content is usually covered in four parts in other network certification courses. 

Training Dates: 11th February– to 23rd March 2019

Monday to Friday Evening Classes
4 PM– 6 PM

Saturday Weekend Class
9 AM – 1 PM 

Duration: 6 weeks 

Cost: You will be charged KES 15,000 (Mksu Students/Staff) and KES 25,000 (Non-Mksu Sudents/Staff).Currently, this fee is inclusive of the certification exam voucher worth USD 220.The fee is payable to The Machakos University accounts with an indication of your reg number and HCNA as the course.This is fairly cheaper compared to other network certification courses.  

Certification Exam: You will be required to sit for a mock exam within two or so weeks after training and later sit for the prometric exam (certification exam). Huawei currently provides exam vouchers for the very first groups sitting for the certification exam. This offer may not be available in future.  

Job Prospects: Huawei promises an internship to those who sit for the certification exam either at Huawei or with one of their partners with a possible job placement afterwards. Note that those who were in the first group and passed the certification exam already have jobs. Registration: To register, please FILL OUT FORM (click active link ) Please find attached a flyer for additional information     

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