Kuccps Students to Pay More Fees in New University Fees Model

By | May 19, 2023

Effects of a new model of funding universities on learners and parents.

The kuccps portal is open for university choices. But it’ll not be usual for parents.

First, each course has different fees, unlike in the past when fees were the same for all courses. Courses such as medicine, surgery, pharmacy, and law will only be for dynasties, the rich students who can pay over 500 000 per year.

Even for the lowest course, parents will not manage. Fees will increase from the current 32000 to about 87000.

Now, the government will identify 45000 students out of 830 000, that is 5%, for funding. The rest of the 95% must fund themselves.

The 2nd category is vulnerable. They will get 53% scholarships, 40% to be financed through HELB loans, and then 7% by parents.

Now, 40% of 500000, is 200 000 per year. So, if a learner is funded, they leave college with over 800000 loans, plus upkeep, it’s over 1 million. Future university graduates will forever be in debt.

Now, for parents to pay over 200 000 per year, means many students will break their studies as they look for fees. A four-year course may end up taking 10 years.

Families too will sink into poverty. Fees will make families sell land and other property. Cows and goats will not be enough.

Remember, basic education is a right in Kenya, higher education is not. If a student passes KCPE, it’s almost a must they join form one It means many students will not join college immediately, or even later.

The future will have so many school leavers without a college education, thereby limiting opportunities for learners.