KUCCPS Inter-Institutional Transfer Guide

By | May 25, 2024

Kenya University and College Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) will provide an opportunity to students who may wish to change their programmes and institutions through the online system.

Applications must be lodged online through the Student’s Portal (students.kuccps.net). For a transfer to be completed, it must be endorsed by both the university/college where the applicant has been placed and the university/college where the applicant wishes to transfer.

KUCCPS procedures for online Inter-Institution transfer

  1. The student (applicant) shall log in to their online portal and complete a transfer application
  2. Upon completion, the request shall be forwarded to the receiving institution for endorsement.
  3. The receiving institution shall endorse the transfer applications received through their institution portal and submit them. Endorsement shall be done by the Head of the institution or an officer delegated to endorse on behalf of the Head of the institution.
  4. The receiving institution shall consider an application guided by the available capacity, minimum entry requirements and cut-off Points, and:
    • If accepted, the application will be forwarded to the releasing institution for consideration and endorsement.
    • If rejected, the rejected transfer request will be reverted to the applicant with comments from the receiving institution.
    • The institution will have seven (7) days to endorse the transfer application, failure to which the application will revert to the applicant.
  5. The Head of the current institution shall either accept or reject the request to clear the applicant for transfer taking into account any obligations owed to the institution by the applicant, and:
    • If cleared, the request is forwarded to the Placement Service for review and final approval.
    • If not cleared, the application reverts to the student with the reason provided for follow-up or appeal to the Placement Service.
  6. The current institution shall have seven (7) days to endorse the transfer application, failure to which the application shall revert to KUCCPS for action.
  7. Thereafter, the KUCCPS CEO shall review the application, and:
    • If the application is approved, the inter-institution transfer letter will be generated automatically for download by the applicant and both the receiving and the releasing institutions through their respective portals.
    • If the application is not approved, the applicant will receive a notification with the reason for rejection.
  8. Thereafter, the applicant shall download the approved transfer letter and present it to the receiving institution for admission and joining instructions.
  9. An inter-institution transfer shall only be valid after approval by KUCCPS.

Applications are invited from qualified candidates wishing to change programme or inter-institution transfer. View the Programmes provided by MKU through KUCCPS.