KSSSA Girls’ Basketball Champs Butere Girls

By | May 4, 2023

Hail the new KSSSA Girls’ Basketball Champs; Butere Girls

Situated in Kakamega County, Butere Sub-County and in Marama Central Location, Butere Girls High School boasts a population of 3,060 students.

Under the Stewardship of Chief Principal Jennifer Damaris Omondi’s alias ‘JD’ the school is not only an academic champ but a sports powerhouse too.

Butere Girls are the reigning KSSSA Girls’ Basketball Champion after dethroning long-time champs; Kaya Tiwi. The journey to their current success hasn’t been smooth, though. Their maiden appearance on the National stage was in 2018, at Kangaru School in Embu. That year, they were able to clinch a silver medal.

The following year, 2019, was a tough one. After grappling with the ticket to the National KSSSA Games, their jubilation quickly turned into anguish following a disqualification; for a technicality.

Resilience and hard work have seen them rise under the superintendence of Coach Chrispine Odeke who is assisted by Coach Sly and Mr Omondi. This has seen them bag 3 Regional Titles.

The team also features in the Kenya Basketball Federation, KBF, and Women’s Division 1 league. This year, they clinched position 4; behind Zetech University, USIU and Strathmore University.

Reasons behind success

Among other driving forces, here are some of the reasons behind their success: Strong support from the Chief Principal, Patience, Discipline and hard work, Dedication and Resilience especially from past experiences at the Regional level, playing in the KBF League against Universities and Clubs and above all God, Almighty.