Kenyan Government Releases Kshs. 19 Billion Capitation Funds To Schools

By | July 24, 2022

The much-awaited Kshs. 19 Billion capitation funds have been released to public primary and secondary schools.

The Cabinet Secretary for Education Prof George Magoha has also warned heads of institutions against entertaining any corporal punishment meted to learners.

According to CS Magoha, the capitation funds will reach schools by Monday with public primary and secondary schools receiving the funds to ensure the smooth running of those public schools.

While at Wagwer Secondary School in Siaya, Magoha praised some of the schools for the effective implementation of education policies and claimed that a number of school heads had done a wonderful job.

He claimed that some teachers had indeed managed to take care of and retain their learners in schools amid the difficult times that have been affected by widespread inflation.

“I want to commend, in particular day and boarding schools’ principals for retaining children in schools, even as we struggle. I want them to remember the struggle we have here is not Kenyan but global,” said CS Magoha.

Magoha revealed that there are some heads of institutions who still send learners home to collect money for motivation and food despite the government’s constant warnings.

According to Magoha, these acts are criminal and he said that stern action should be taken against them once found culpable of the offences.

CS Magoha also implored teachers not to engage in corporal punishment and said that the ministry will not allow rogue teachers to be present in schools.

The Cabinet Secretary was speaking in light of a recent incident where a pupil attending Nyamninia Primary School located in Gem fled following being assaulted by teachers for failing to get 400 marks. Magoha said that the teachers who committed this heinous act should be fired.

According to CS Magoha, it is against the law for any teacher to lay their hands on their own any learner and worse off, beat a child in such an inhumane manner.

Magoha said that the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will deal with the rogue teachers at their level while his ministry will ensure that the rogue teachers face the full force of the law.

“Why would a teacher cane a child yet a CS like me would not do that? Cane a learner for no good reason just to get 400 marks and yourself if given that test, would you score 400 marks?” wondered Magoha.

Teachers across the country have been warned by multiple government officials not to use corporal punishment in schools but it seems that a few still believe that the cane is the solution to solving issues between teachers and students or pupils. However, as detailed in our previous article, this is in contravention of the Kenyan constitution and any individual found will face the full force of the law.