KCSE Online Results Analysis For Top Best Schools Per County- Nyamira County, Nyanza Region

By | January 2, 2023

Nyamira County) KCSE 2022 Results Analysis For Top Schools Per County; Kebirigo Boys- Nyamira County, Nyanza Region

Click HERE to check the KCSE 2023 Results of Nyamira County’s Kebirigo Boys High School at the KNEC portal once CS Machogu releases the results for Nyamira County at Mtihani House.

The school takes insurmountable pride in clinching position 22 nationally.

Kebirigo Boys posted an impressive mean score of 9.174 thus appearing in the KCSE 2022 Top 20 schools regionally.

KCSE 2022-2023 Top Candidates per School: Kebirigo Boys Extra County School,


List: Top 100 Students in 2022 KCSE Results for Nyamira County (Official),

Clinching the list of top 200 schools in Nyamira County-KCSE 2022 is Rangenyo Girls Secondary School with a mean of 7.9448 B-  at position 96 nationally.

1St. Gonzaga Gonza Isoge9.356 15NyamiraNyanza
2Nyambaria Boys High(National) 9.308618NyamiraNyanza
3Nyansiongo Boys High School9.301319NyamiraNyanza
4Kebirigo Boys High School9.17422NyamiraNyanza
5Nyakeore Mixed Secondary School9.0328NyamiraNyanza
6St. Peter’s Nyakemincha Secondary School8.841640NyamiraNyanza
7Sironga Girls High School (National)8.7644NyamiraNyanza
8Nyakongo Boys High School8.72148NyamiraNyanza
9Mwongori Secondary School8.014190NyamiraNyanza
10. Rangenyo Girls Secondary School7.944896NyamiraNyanza

Get results analysis for all the KCSE 2021/2022 top schools here; Knec KCSE results portal

  1. C- (minus)=51,213
  2. D+ (plus)=58,506
  3. D (plain)=73,909
  4. D- (minus)=93,466
  5. E=19,573
  6. Highest mark in KCSE 2022=A plain
  7. KCSE Results 2022 release date: January 2022.
  8. KPSEA Results release date January 16, 2022
  9. KPSEA 2022 School Results=January 16, 2022
  10. KPSEA 2022 Individual Results=January 16, 2022

List: How 2022 KCPE Candidates Performed 

  1. The number of registered candidates KCPE 2022=1, 233, 852.
  2. Top candidates in KCPE 2022= Glen Otieno Lewis Omondi and Fwaro Makhoha Robinson.
  3. Highest mark in KCPE 2022=431 Marks out of 500.
  4. Improvement margin in KCPE 2022 Highest Score= a positive deviation of 4 points.
  5. KCPE Results 2022 release date: December 16, 2022.
  6. Special needs; 400-419 marks= 7 candidates
  7. Special needs; 300-399 marks= 296 pupils
  8. Special needs; 200-299 marks= 838 learners
  9. Special needs; 100-199 marks= 1, 270 pupils
  10. Special needs; 01-99 marks= 6 pupils
  11. Number of boys in KCPE 2022= 620, 965 (50.32%)
  12. Number of girls in KCPE 2022=612,887 (49.7%)
  13. 400-431 marks= 9, 443 candidates
  14. 300-399 marks= 307, 756 pupils (24%)
  15. 200-299 marks= 619, 593 learners
  16. 100-199 marks= 296, 336 pupils
  17. 01-99 marks= 724 pupils
  18. Number of boys in KCPE 2022= 620, 965 (50.32%)
  19. Number of girls in KCPE 2022=612,887 (49.7%)

Girls Vs Boys Performance

In the 2022 KCPE, female candidates performed better than their male counterparts in three languages among them English, Kiswahili, and Sign language.

Male candidates performed better than female candidates in Maths, Science, Social Studies, and Religious Education.

Four counties recorded more male than female candidates this year. They are Turkana, Garissa, Wajir and Mandera.

Key Statistics and Figures in KCPE 2022: 

1. KCPE 2022: 62 310 adults sat the KCPE exam which represents 5.08% of the total candidature population.

2. KCPE 2021: the number of adults who sat the exam was 29 607, representing 2.42% of the total population that sat the exam. 

The number of adults who sat the KCPE exams this year increased according to statistics from the Ministry of Education.

The statistics show that 62,310 adults sat the exams which represent 5.08 percent of the total candidates’ population.

Last year, the adults who sat the exams were 29,607, representing 2.42 percent.

The statistics also show that all counties registered an increase in adult candidates from last year.

The results were released on Wednesday, December 16, 2022, by Education CS Ezekiel Machogu at Mitihani House in Nairobi.

The statistics also showed that the number of candidates who were 12 years and below declined.

Machogu said that the number dropped from 33,627 (2.74%) in 2021 to 31,498 (2.53%) in 2022.

The CS said that the decline shows that children are enrolled in school at the right age.